Machine Dazzle

Machine Dazzle has been dazzling stages via costumes, sets, and performance since his arrival in New York in 1994. Credits include Julie Atlas Muz’s “I Am The Moon And You Are The Man On Me” (2004), Big Art Group’s “House Of No More” (2006), Justin Vivian Bond’s “Lustre” (2008), Taylor Mac’s “The Lily’s Revenge” (2009), Justin Vivian Bond’s “Re:Galli Blonde” (2011), Taylor Mac’s “Walk Across America For Mother Earth” (2012), Chris Tanner’s “Football Head” (2014), Soomi Kim’s “Change” (2015), Pig Iron Theater’s “I Promised Myself To Live Faster” (2015), Bombay Rickey Prototype Festival (2016), Taylor Mac’s “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music” (2016–present), Opera Philadelphia’s “Dito and Aeneus” (2017), Spiegleworld’s “Opium” (Las Vegas 2018) ... Beware!!!! Conceptualist-as-artist meets DIY meets “glitter rhymes with litter,” Machine was a co-recipient the 2017 Bessie Award for Outstanding Visual Design and the winner of a 2017 Henry Hewes Design Award.

As of May 2019.

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