Mariana Tirantte

Mariana Tirantte was born in Buenos Aires in 1976. Among her work with Grupo Marea (artistic ensemble together with Mariano Pensotti) she has designed sets and costumes for diverse productions in theatre, site specific and installations in Argentina and many countries around the world. Also she has been collaborating with Argentinian directors and companies (Krapp, Lola Arias, Pablo Messiez, Agostina Lopez, Lisandro Rodriguez, Matias Feldman, Ariel Farace, Diana Szeinblum, Carlos Casella, Ana Frenkel, Roman Podolsky, Claudio Tolcachir, Julio Chavez, etc). She was in charge of the Technical direction of V & VI Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, Bienal de Performance 2015 and 2017 and Espacios Revelados (Changing Places). She won the award Trinidad Guevara 2011 for the set design of “El Pasado es un animal grotesco” (directed by Mariano Pensotti), Premios Teatro del Mundo 2012 for “Cineastas” (directed by Mariano Pensotti) and “Melancolia y Manifestaciones” (directed by Lola Arias) and was nominated for the award Florencio Sanchez 2012 with “La laguna” (directed by Agostina Lopez).

As of May 2019.

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