Diego Vainer

Diego Vainer is a composer and musical producer. Since 1993 he focus his work in music based in electronic media, and from that starting point he created “Fantasias Animadas”. With this project he released five albums and identifies his personal compositions and live performances. Within his musical activity, he also collaborates with Daniel Melero for the album “Piano”, and with Gustavo Santaolalla for his projects “Bajo Fondo Tango Club” and “Terraplen”, so he did with El otro yo, La Portuaria and Rosario Bléfari. For the last 15 years he has also composed and designed music for theatre pieces, films and audiovisual work, dance and instalations next to artists such as El Descueve group, Mariano Pensotti, Carlos Casella, Julio Chavez, Federico Leon, Martin Rejtman, Andres DiTella, Javier Daulte, Santiago Loza and Agustin Alezzo, among others.

As of May 2019.

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