Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga

Since 2002, Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga is member of the Experimental Orquestra of Indigenous Instruments (OEIN). His work consists mainly of teaching, composition, film music, creation and developing of new musical instruments and research of Bolivia’s indigenous music.

As a teacher, he has conducted and participated in several workshops focusing on the construction and development of new instruments and dissemination of Bolivian indigenous and contemporary music. He has also developed special composition and research workshops for children and youth. His music has been played by the OEIN and other ensembles in many countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. His aesthetic incorporates visual elements – dance, movement, staging – and has been rated as one of the “most innovative in the field of Bolivian art music”. (Cergio Prudencio)

As of January 2020

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