Shrunga B. V

Actor, puppeteer – Bangalore, India
Participant International Forum 2020

Shrunga is an actor in theatre and films since 2004 and a puppeteer from Bangalore. He was a resident at Adishakti Laboratory for Theatre Art Research in 2010 and studied the use of breath as the source of performance energy. His most noted works include the play “Boy with a Suitcase” and the feature “Harikatha Prasanga”. “Boy with a Suitcase”, the story of an immigrant boy fleeing from a war-torn country, is an Indo-German collaboration between the theatres Ranga Shankara and Schauburg München. Since 2011, it has travelled to many international festivals in Germany and India. “Harikatha Prasanga” explores the gender identity struggles of a performer playing female roles onstage and was screened at 42 festivals around the world. Shrunga wants to explore how personal and political identities interweave across timelines and wants to create original work based on these ideas. Is it possible to create the ideal art that comforts the oppressed and disturbs the comfortable?

Shrunga B. V.

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