Helgard Haug

Helgard Haug is an author, director and co-founder of Rimini Protokoll. Under this label – which she founded together with Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel – she develops in various constellations stage works, interventions, performative installations and audio plays together with experts who have gained their knowledge and skills beyond the theatre. Furthermore, Rimini Protokoll like to transpose rooms or social structures into theatrical formats. This also resulted in a number of pieces that drew audiences out of the theatre and into the city. Many of her works are characterised by interactivity and a playful approach to technology.

Rimini Protokoll have been awarded many prizes for their work. They received the FAUST theatre award in 2007. In 2008, Rimini Protokoll were chosen for the European Theatre Award in Thessaloniki. The complete works of Rimini Protokoll were given the silver lion at the 41stTheatre Biennale in Venice in 2001. The multi-player video-installation “Situation Rooms” got the Excellence Award of the 17th Japan Media Festival in 2013.

Five of her plays were invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen, before “All right. Good night.”, most recently in 2020 her production “Chinchilla Arsehole, eyeye”.

Helgard Haug has also been awarded multiple times for her audio plays: amongst others she received the 2008 War Blinded Audio Play Prize and latest the radioplay award of ARD 2019.

For a comprehensive biography, go to  rimini-protokoll.de

As of March 2022

Helgard Haug

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