José Lopez Sanchez

José Lopez Sanchez (Shipibo name – Sanymeny meaning “The Messenger”), is a 35-year-old Onanya (Shipibo word for a master plant-spirit healer) from the Shipibo-Conibo native community of Royaboya in the Peruvian Amazon. He is the son of the legendary Maestra Ynes Sanchez and Maestro David Lopez.
José was named after his paternal grandfather, a highly respected Onanya, who trained him extensively since his childhood, transmitting the wisdom of his ancestors, the Shipibo-Conibo cosmovision and the sophisticated practices of Shipibo plant-spirit healing. At the age of seven, José began the preparation of his body, mind, and spirit by beginning his first traditional diet with master plants. At age sixteen, he began to heal people from his village and his work then expanded from the city of Pucallpa out into many other regions of Peru.
He has spent much time travelling, working in various communities and ayahuasca centers around Peru, and currently works at the Temple of the Way of Light and Niwe Rao Xobo – his mother’s center. He is also establishing his own center called ‘Shipibo Rao Traditional Medicine School’ to provide traditional training for local and foreign apprentices.