Sören Birke

Sören Birke (mouth organs) is a musician, culture and theatre scholar, culture manager, manager and co-owner of the Consense Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Kultur mbH at the Kulturbrauerei Berlin. In 1982, he trained himself to play the blues on a mouth organ and learned to play the cello, Jew's harp and duduk. Since 1983 he has toured Germany, USA, Australia, Poland and Armenia as a live musician, appearing at leading festivals featuring well-known musicians. He has worked and performed with Gerd Conradt, Spiridon Schischigin, Dirk Michaelis, the 17 Hippies, Magda Piskorczy, Hu-Lu-Si, Lutz Glandien and Robin Hemingway. He has published books and CDs and was one of the initiators of both Kampagne Musik 2020 Berlin and the Music Board Berlin.