Gebrüder Teichmann

The Teichmann brothers are passionately committed to creating temporary spaces for musicians of different cultures to meet and create new music together. Hannes and Andi Teichmann’s formative musical experiences came as children at their parents’ private jazz club near Regensburg, whose programme regularly included Indian and African musicians. After performing with their own child punk band Totalschaden, they became fascinated with Berlin’s burgeoning electronic club-culture during the 1990s: techno clubs and raves were places where social norms no longer applied, anything was possible and East and West Berliners could meet as equals on the dance floor. The brothers revisit this live utopia whenever they invite a group of selected musicians to join them in temporary sound camps in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Pakistan or India to explore unconventional interfaces in contemporary, experimental and traditional music. As live musicians, they look for organic and live interfaces in analogue electronics and acoustics. Their co-operations range from the Ensemble Modern to Joachim Irmler (Faust), and their Noland label covers their activities from underground to interground. They are past winners of the Culture support prize from their home town of Regensburg and their curatorial practice includes projects such as Fieldlines, Ten Cities, BLNRB, Soundcamp South Asia, Mondmachine and Karachi Files.