Ravi Srinivasan

Ravi Srinivasan was born in Singapore, and plays tabla, tabla tarang and percussion as well as singing (in the khayal form) and whistling. He grew up in an Anglo-Indian family in Malaysia and learned to play classical Western music on the violin. He first played in orchestras in Malaysia and England and later became interested in jazz, started composing and studied with Kamalesh Maitra in Berlin. His stage presence and sensibility together with his broad musical horizons make him an exceptionally versatile and creative musician. Ravi Srinivasan has performed in the USA, Russia and Malaysia and at leading festivals in Europe and India. He plays in a variety of jazz, folk and world music formations, including Abrasaz, Midnight Court, Hypno Theatre, Dotschy Reinhardt, Soname Yangchen and the Injun Biscuit Factory, as well as accompanying Indian kathak dance and raga music and has also taken part in numerous music theatre productions.