Milke Sinuiri Panduro

Milke Sinuiri Panduro (born in Pucallpa, Peru lives in Lima) is an artist, musician, writer, healer and protector of Nature from the Shipibo Conibo Indigenous community . His work focuses on research and healing through the Mother Plants of the Amazon. Milke inherited and studies through his ancestral lineage the language of plants. He collaborated with Tito La Rosa, Amelia Panduro, Jose Campos, Paucho Sasaki for the album: Icaro - Shamanic Songs and the album: Ayahuasca. He collaborated with Tavo Castillo and Pepe Chiriboga. He creates Shipi Reggae, a musical genre that fuses Ikaros ( healing songs from the Amazonian Mother Plants), and Reggae. He and Arely Amaut seed Pacha Nete.