With the Bundesjugendchor, the German Music Council founded its third ensemble for the promotion of top young singers in 2020, after the Bundesjugendorchester and the Bundesjazzorchester. The Bundesjugendchor is open to young singers between the ages of 18 and 26 who have their centre of life in Germany or live abroad as German citizens. If possible, talents from all German states should be represented. Depending on the repertoire, a target size of around 50 people is envisaged for the choir.

The ensemble comes together several times a year for work phases with rehearsals and concerts. Prof. Anne Kohler, as Artistic Director, is responsible for the continuous vocal pedagogical work on a homogeneous, characteristic sound of the top ensemble. She also conducts rehearsals and concerts of the ensemble and is supported in her work by a team of voice coaches. In addition, other guest conductors will work with the ensemble on a project-by-project basis. The goal of the Bundesjugendchor is to promote outstanding choral singers.

June 2021