Uppalapu Srinivas

The extraordinary musical talent of Uppalapu Srinivas (1969-2014) was recognised when he was still a child. He was the first artist to play the Carnatic classical music of southern India on an electric mandolin, thus establishing a bridge between East and West. During his lifetime he collaborated with many of the greats of Indian music, including Vikku Vinayakram, V. Selvaganesh and Zakir Hussain, and he released more than 30 albums. His international breakthrough was aided by collaborations with western artists such as John McLaughlin, Naná Vasconcelos and Nigel Kennedy. Srinivas’s musical career was recognised with awards including the Sangeet Batak Akademi Award, the Special TTK Award, the Best Artist Award from the Madras Music Academy, the Padma Shri Award and India’s National Citizen’s Award.

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