Paulina Miu

Paulina Miu is a vocal artist, voice researcher and music therapist. In her work, she explores the relations, interweavings and different potentials of communication between the human voice and the environment. She merges contemporary vocal elements with archaic songs and chants from Slavic music heritage. An important part of her practice is “white voice” – an archaic vocal technique based on an open throat singing. She is deeply interested in building communities and facilitating personal growth through conscious voice practice. In her long research, voice as a multidimensional tool of expression and communication as well as a medium to build a healthy relationship with ownself and other human and non-human beings.

Miu graduated from intermedia studies at the University of the Arts in Poznań, Poland (MA) and music therapy at the Academy of Music in Łódź (BA). For many years, she has been closely associated with the Węgajty Theater. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin.

She collaborated and worked with: Matthias Schönijahn („Who’d have thought that snow falls”, Kultur Büro Elisabeth, Berlin) Lina Gómez (Body Time Space, RADIAL System, Berlin), Jatiwangi Art Factory (Java, Indonesia) Trust Dance Company (Seoul, South Korea), Vougascapes (Vouzela, Portugal), Between Sky & Sea Festival (Herdla Island, Norway), Munetik Symposium (Lusagyugh, Armenia), Malta Festival (Poznan, Poland), Festival of Ephemeral Art Contexts (Sokolowsko, Poland), Visitors Project (Hungary, Montenegro, Albania)

As of March 2022

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