FC Bergman

The theatre company FC Bergman consists of six actors, theatre-makers and artists: Stef Aerts, Joé Agemans, Bart Hollanders, Matteo Simoni, Thomas Verstraeten and Marie Vinck. They have developed a theatrical language all of their own, which apart from being anarchistic and slightly chaotic, is essentially visual and poetic. In previous shows the floundering, ever-striving human being has often taken centre stage. In 2009, FC Bergman won the Young Theatre Prize at Theater Aan Zee with its adaptation of Harold Pinter’s Homecoming. With Walking along the Champs-Elysées with a tortoise so as to have a better look at the world, but it is difficult to drink tea on an ice floe if everyone is drunk, FC Bergman was shortlisted for the Flemish-Dutch Theatre Festival.


As of May 2014

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