Werner Fritsch


Author, director and film-maker Werner Fritsch has been invited to the Stückemarkt six times in total: in 1990 with “Steinbruch”, in 1992 with “Sense”, in 1994 with “Wondreber Totentanz”, in 1997 with “Es gibt keine Sünde im Süden des Herzens”, in 1999 with “Jenseits” and in 2001 with “Supermarkt”. Besides his work as a playwright, he has made the films “Das sind die Gewitter in der Natur” (1987), “Ich wie ein Vogel: Das Rad des Glücks” (2008) and “Faust Sonnengesang” (2012). Werner Fritsch has been awarded numerous prizes and grants, among them the Robert Walser Prize, the War Blinded Audio Play Prize and the Else Lasker-Schüler Dramatists’ Prize. In 2000, he was invited to the Mülheim Theatre Festival. He is a guest professor at the German Creative Writing Program Leipzig (DLL, a member of the PEN Club and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts.

Wermer Fritsch

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