Tobias Dutschke

Tobias Dutschke was born in 1967 in Woltersdorf near Berlin. He studied classical percussion at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music Berlin and works as a musician and performer for theatre and music theatre. In the past years he has produced several music theatre evenings and performances with his schindelkilliusdutschke trio, meandering between experimental and traditional forms: Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” are transformed into “Twelve Sisters” in a Dadaist German hinterland; and figures from “Struwwelpeter” are presented together with music by Cage, Dieter Schnebel and Georges Aperghis.

schindelkilliusdutschke are also known for imposing the likes of Peter Alexander, Béla Bartók, George Gershwin and John Cage upon one another or arranging for disco moves to meet Richard Wagner and Michael Jackson.

Past Events