Rainer Killius

Born in 1969, Rainer Killius studied the flute, music theory, composition and voice. He works in Berlin as a freelance singer, voice teacher, composer and répétiteur. He is particularly interested in modern and contemporary music theatre. He took part in Wolfgang Rihm’s “The Conquest of Mexico” at the Stadttheater Freiburg, in Georg Nussbaumer’s “orpheusarchipel” at the Theater Bielefeld and in 2012 at the premiere of the opera “Two Acts” by Vladimir Rannev in St. Petersburg. Rainer Killius premiered Arnold Schönberg’s “Pierrot lunaire” and sang the German premiere of five of “Seventeen Lyrics by Li Po” by Harry Partch. Since 2003, he has been a member of the music theatre formation schindelkilliusdutschke and founded the Duo Viola and Voice in 2010 with Ruth Killius.


Past Events