Marie Guillon Le Masne

Marie Guillon Le Masne was born in 1982 in Nantes. After five years as a costume designer in Lyon, she commenced stage design studies in 2006 at the venerable La Cambre art school in Brussels. Since 2009, Marie Guillon Le Masne has worked as a costume and stage designer in France and Belgium in productions by such directors as Thibaut Wenger, Antoine Raimondi, Thierry Poquet, Léa Drouet and Claude Schmitz, as well as in dance theatre with choreographers Héloїse Desfarges and Coline Struyf. In addition, in 2009 Marie Guillon Le Masne worked as an assistant to set designer Stefan Oppenländer in Bertolt Brecht’s “Fatzer”. This was an Adeline Rosenstein production at the Premiers Actes festival in Wesserling in the Alsace region.

Past Events