Marcelo Aguirre

Marcelo Aguirre, was born in 1970 in north-western Argentina, where he had his first experiences as a singer in Post Punk, No Wave, New Wave und Metal bands at the end of the 1980s. He moved to Buenos Aires in the 1990s, where he took up journalism, writing about experimental and progressive music and publishing the magazine Esculpiendo Milagros. He moved to Berlin at the beginning of the new millennium. He performs with drums and works together with artists active in the improvisation scene and real-time music, such as John Duncan, Z'EV, Michael Jon Fink, Chas Smith, Ulrich Krieger, John Hegre, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Timo Van Luijk and Daniel Varela. Aguirre has also performed in Stockholm, Moscow, Brno, Paris and Nice, among other cities.

Past Events