İlhan Mimaroğlu

İlhan Mimaroğlu was born in 1926 in Istanbul and died in 2012 in New York. His father was the famous architect Mimar Kemaleddin Bey. In 1949, Mimaroğlu completed his studies in law at the Ankara Üniversitesi. He went to New York in 1955 on a Rockefeller grant and studied musicology at Columbia University with Paul Henry Lang and composition with Douglas Moore. In addition, Mimaroğlu worked at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in New York, where he was a student of Vladimir Ussachevsky. Mimaroğlu composed instrumental works and electronic music that are still to be discovered. For he primarily pursued a career as a record producer: he worked with jazz greats such as Charles Mingus, Freddie Hubbard, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Mose Allison, Sonny Sharrock and Don Pullen.

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