Tarek Atoui

Tarek Atoui was born in 1980 in Lebanon and studied sound art and electroacoustic music at the Conservatory in Reims, France. He is a musician, sound artist and programmer – he specialises in creating tools out of computers, screens, hard and software, cables and buttons, head and body. In 2006, Tarek Atoui published his first solo album with Staalplaat Records. In 2008 he became artistic director of the STEIM Studios in Amsterdam, a centre for researching and creating new electronic instruments. As a sound artist, Atoui has initiated various interventions, performances, concerts and workshops in Europe and the Middle East. He specialises in the development of computer programmes for interdisciplinary projects and in working with children and youths. His works are shown internationally, including at the Sharjah Biennale in the United Arab Emirates (2009), the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York (2010), La Maison Rouge in Paris (2010), the Mediacity Biennial in Seoul (2010), Haus der Kunst in Munich (2010), as part of Performa 11 in New York (2011), and most recently in 2012 at the Paris Triennale and at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel and its annex in Kabul.

Past Events