Charlotte Hug

Born in Zurich in 1956, Charlotte Hug is considered to be an extreme musician. She has expanded the possibilities of her instrument, the viola, to its fullest extent. Instrumental techniques she has developed included the so-called “soft bow technique”, which enables her to play up to eight voices. A further speciality of hers involves combining the sounds of both viola and voice. Following completion of her studies in visual arts and music, she received several awards and commissions for her compositions. She has been Artist in Residence in London, Paris, Berlin, Cork European Capital of Culture 2005 and “artiste étoile” at the 2011 Lucerne Festival. Her sound-drawings, which Hug calls son-icons, have found international recognition in both visual and musical contexts. She employs these graphic notations to create spatial and video scores and installations. She has also enjoyed international recognition for her place-specific, musical and visual performances. Her activities as a soloist, composer, conductor of her own works as well as improvising musician have thus far led her to important festivals in Europe, North and South America. Charlotte Hug lives in Zurich and en route.

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