Alper Maral

Alper Maral graduated from the Department of International Relations in the School of Economics of Istanbul University. He then continued toward his master’s and doctoral degrees at the brunch of Musicology and Composition in the Social Science Institution of Ege University. He has composed more than 1000 musical works, including hundreds of solo and joint performances. These compositions have been performed, broadcasted and published both in Turkey and abroad. Maral has been awarded for his over 70 film music works. He has given lots of seminars and workshops on electro acoustic music, composition, and musicology. He has published more than 70 articles on music and its social contexts. Besides his hundreds of theatre and film music works, Maral has a wide range of achievements: chamber opera, multimedia, solo instruments, including symphonic and elector-acoustic forms. He is mostly known by his elector-acoustic works, that has a dramatic construct and that works with the “music in culture-culture in music” relationship. He serves as a composer in the Control Voltage Project, Bornova Trio, A-415, Istanbul Baroque Community and Karınca Kabilesi, which was founded by him. As of today, Maral gives lectures about composition, musicology, and sound technology at Yıldız Technical University, Galatasaray University and Bilgi University.

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