Ernesto Collado

Ernesto Collado (Barcelona, 1974) lives and works in the small town Pontós where he runs, together with the Societat Doctor Alonso, a creation center called Cèl·lula. He is the director of the annually organised site-specific MAPA Festival. His roots in underground cabaret left an undestroyable desire to communicate. Besides, he´s a contemporary story-teller. In his shows – such as “Vida de Lázaro” or “Nueva Marinaleda” – humor and music are very present and they drive on a constant confusion between reality and fiction, play with the audience’s expectations and theatrical conventions.

Collado-Van Hoestenberghe Foundation
In 2007, Barbara Van Hoestenberghe and Ernesto Collado create the Collado-Van Hoestenberghe Foundation, an independent laboratory and self-managed scenic creation collective based in Pontós, a small village in the Alt Empordà. The Collado-Van Hoestenberghe Foundation believes in a critical optimism based on creativity, able to propose alternatives. It is optimistic because invents questions and suggests new paths but without ignoring reality.

Ernesto Collado & Barbara van Hoestenberghe

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