Splitter Orchester

The Splitter Orchester was founded in 2010 by Clare Cooper, Clayton Thomas and Gregor Hotz with the goal of creating a unique orchestra in Berlin to represent the stylistically diverse “Echtzeitmusik” scene. It consists of internationally renowned artists and members of the Echtzeitmusik scene, who defined and redefined a large spectrum of musical styles from approx. 1995 on. A substantial phase in the musical development of the scene was the focus on a reduction of means, materials or musical gestures in the late 1990's. The integration and use of electronics and self-made prepared instruments to expand the instrumental range played a large role in the differentiation of the sound. Today the Berlin Echtzeitmusik scene spans more than 200 musicians from all generations and a wide variety of countries - the musical scope reaches from noise, electronica and trash pop, the core sections of free improvisation and composed new music, to performance and sound art.

The Splitter Orchester is a long-term project and serves as a platform for the exchange of artistic ideas in the local music scene. What makes the orchestra's instrumentation unique is that it unites classical acoustic instruments of all categories and a large spectrum of electronic instruments. The sound aesthetics are situated distinctly in the realm of contemporary music. The attractiveness of Berlin as an international laboratory of experimental music is enhanced by the Splitter Orchester, since there are not many orchestras of this size in the world that consist not only of interpreters but of composer/ performers who are engaged in long-term collective working processes, utilising the entire range of improvisational and compositional possibilities.

Thanks to the support of the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, in the year 2010 the launch of a work process was enabled. During 2010 and 2011 rehearsals and workshop concerts took place in WABE (Berlin). At the end of 2010, Splitter Orchester premiered with a nearly sold-out concert in “Radialsystem V” and was received enthusiastically by the audience. After a yaer the orchestra followed this success with another notable concert at WABE. 2012, the Splitter Orchester played at the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music, where it presented a first collaboration with the composer: Mathias Spahlinger, debuting his étude for an orchestra without a conductor “doppelt bejaht”.


As of February 2014

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