Ensemblekollektiv Berlin

Four internationally renowned Berlin ensembles – Ensemble Adapter, Sonar Quartet, Ensemble Apparat and ensemble mosaik – cooperate as a collaborative orchestra under the name Ensemblekollektiv Berlin. This unusual constellation, which is based on chamber music structures, is not only a novelty for Berlin’s cultural scene. The participating ensembles are characterised by their extensive experience, highest quality renditions and clear profiles. Through collaboration, these formations complement each other to create new musical possibilities.

In three programmes funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, the ensemble presented itself publically for the first time at MaerzMusik 2014, the Musikfest Berlin 2014 and Ultraschall Berlin 2015 with a selective repertoire and compositions commissioned by Hanna Eimermacher and Sarah Nemtsov under the baton of the prestigious conductors Titus Engel, Enno Poppe and Manuel Nawri.

For the Ensemblekollektiv Berlin’s second season, this initial phase will be extended and the ensemble’s unusual structure will be brought to the fore. In its programmes for 2016 (and a concert in January 2017), the relationship of the individual ensembles to the collective as well as its chamber music structure and working methods as a basis for collective work are the focus of musical exploration.

In the programmes it has developed for Maerzmusik 2016 and Ultraschall Berlin 2017, one of the four ensembles will determine one half-concert each. The starting point is always an existing piece, which is explicitly dedicated to this particular ensemble and which has been created in close cooperation with the composer. The same composer has now been commissioned to write a 20-25-minute piece for the entire Ensemblekollektiv Berlin stemming from this work, while taking its structure into account.

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