Signa Köstler

Signa Köstler (born Sørensen) was born in Århus, Denmark. She studied art history and film and media at the University of Copenhagen. Since 2001, Signa Köstler has been the artistic director of the collective SIGNA, where, in addition to directing and writing, she also works as a stage designer.

SIGNA is a Danish-Austrian performance collective consisting of the performance and installation artist Signa Köstler and the media performance artist Arthur Köstler. SIGNA is one of the most innovative theatre and performance groups in Europe. They stage mainly in empty buildings or wastelands and have redefined the term site-specific theatre. SIGNA do not just perform in one place, they create a self-contained world that the audience can experience and explore for themselves. Their performances last between 3 and 288 hours at a stretch. With “Die Erscheinungen der Martha Rubin“ (Schauspiel Köln) SIGNA were already invited to the Theatertreffen in 2008. With “Die Ruhe” they are part of the Theatertreffen again in 2022.

SIGNA’s work has been shown in a number of countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Estonia and Austria.

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Signa Köstler


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