Yearning (Sehnsucht)

Photo installation by Corinna Rosteck


biegenrecken. biegenrecken, 70 x 90 cm
Chromira metal on Aludibond, 2009

© Corinna Rosteck

Images of yearning in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele

The nine-part photo installation »Yearning« [»Sehnsucht«] by Berlin artist Corinna Rosteck is based on a photo series in which she documented the Tanztheatertheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch’s 2007 production »Rough Cut« for spielzeit’europa.

In Corinna Rosteck’s latest series selected bodily fragments and the texture and corporeality of cloth which follows their movements and shapes itself accordingly are condensed together into a form which reminds the art historian Michaela Nolte of works of sculpture. In their use of line and drawing-like quality these images make visible the energy and intensity which dance – and particularly that of Pina Bausch’s company – expresses so brilliantly. Their sense of sculptural statement coupled with the blurring of energetic and expressive movement creates a celebration of the moment.

The pictures are for sale:
each in limited editions of 3 prints, price 2.250 Euro.

Open on performance days one hour before the performance begins.