Press Images

Sundays for Hong Kong II

Berliner Festspiele on Demand
Online Film Series
9 April to 7 May 2020

To the programme

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The Undulating Things

Dokumentary, 125 min, USA/HK/KOR 2019
Director Bo Wang, Pan Lu

Bo Wang, Pan Lu

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The Aqueous Truth

Short movie 30 min., HK 2013
Director Tze Woon Chan

Tze Woon Chan

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Not One Less

Documentary, 15 Min., HK 2019
Regie Kanas Liu

Kanas Liu

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The Longest Summer

Feature film, HK 1998, 128 min.
Director Fruit Chan

Fruit Chan | Focus Films Limited

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Dokumentary, 85 min., HK 2015
Director Alvin Tsang

Alvin Tsang

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Memories To Choke On, Drinks To Wash Them Down

Docufiction, 78 min., HK 2019
Director Leung Ming Kai, Kate Reilly

Leung Ming Kai, Kate Reilly

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