Berliner Festspiele | Theatertreffen 2021 | Pilot Project Forum Ecological Sustainability in the Theatre


Press release from 8 April 2021

During this year’s Theatertreffen and in cooperation with Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien, the pilot project Forum Ecological Sustainability in the Theatre will be hosted for the first time.

Its aim is to actively develop a long-term network for sustainability issues in the theatre and to connect with already existing initiatives. Promoting exchange of ideas between various protagonists and institutions of the German-language theatre sector will lead to the creation of strategies and projects towards sustainable cultural production. Theatertreffen would like to serve as a platform in this context and to continue this format every year.

For the first time, the theatres and production teams nominated for this year’s Theatertreffen have been invited to delegate up to two employees as Green Ambassadors who will take part in a two-day series of events. The opening meeting will take place online on 13 April 2021 and a continuing workshop programme is planned for the beginning of the season in the autumn of 2021. From a variety of theatre-specific perspectives, participants will look at issues of ecological sustainability and climate change, at already existing initiatives as well as methods of developing their own sustainability strategies.

In preparation for this project, Theatertreffen has initiated a process to determine the festival’s carbon footprint based on festival data from 2019 (analogue events) and 2020 (digital events). As a next step, goals and measures will be developed to enable more climate-conscious ways of working and producing. In this way, Theatertreffen would like to contribute to the Paris Climate Agreement. The results of this analysis will be published at a later date.

»For the second year, Theatertreffen’s programme will be presented online. This form of presentation also has significant environmental impacts. By evaluating our own CO2 emissions and in cooperation with Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Kultur und Medien, we would like to identify areas to improve in the future. We have a clear goal: Our festival should combine a maximum of remarkability with a minimal carbon footprint.«
‒ Yvonne Büdenhölzer, Director Theatertreffen

»Sustainable theatre is a theatre that is tenable in the future. The longing for a more beautiful and climate-aware world can be addressed in new ways onstage and behind the scenes of our country’s theatres. This joint project with the Berlin Theatertreffen will help to build the first bridges toward this goal.«
‒ Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Head of Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit

Berliner Festspiele and Eco-Management according to EMAS
Together with their parent organisation KBB (Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH), Berliner Festspiele have been increasingly committed to sustainable eco-management for several years, obtaining an EMAS-certificate as early as 2013. Developed by the European Union, EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a sophisticated system for sustainable eco-management and obliges businesses and institutions to set environmental goals, to keep improving their own carbon footprint and to submit to annual internal and external audits.
More information on KBB’s environmental guidelines.

Theatertreffen is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation. Berliner Festspiele are funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The festival would like to thank its long-standing media partner 3sat as well as all sponsors, partners, supporters and all participants for their cooperation.

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