Stückemarkt of Theatertreffen: Commission of Work goes to the collective Ta-Nia, Talia Paulette Oliveras and Nia Farrell


Press release from 23 May 2021

Tonight, 23 May 2021, Stückemarkt of Theatertreffen awarded this year’s Stückemarkt’s Commission of Work, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb, to the collective Ta-Nia, Talia Paulette Olivares and Nia Farrell. The event was streamed live from Haus der Berliner Festspiele and Schauspiel Dortmund. The commission entails the realisation of a new work by Ta-Nia at Schauspiel Dortmund during the 2022/23 season. 

At the conclusion of this year’s Stückemarkt, the company of Schauspiel Dortmund presented a performative review of all works by the invited artists in short individual laudatory speeches. In conclusion, Schauspiel Dortmund’s artistic director Julia Wissert as representative of the theatre announced the winners of this year’s Stückemarkt Commission of Work. 

Excerpt from the laudatory speech:

»The joyful celebration Ta-Nia presents in Dreams in Blk Major is a journey through popcultural references and narrations whilst it reflects the unspoken, the taboo. The invisible. It dismantles what theatre basically is and was: a white institution and once a ritual. A ritual that helps to cross boundaries, break taboos, disrupt narrations and sometimes creates communities. Offering irritation, maybe frustration, but also empowerment as a first step towards change.
Nia Farrell and Talia Paulette Olivares as authors and theatremakers are a chance for theatre: because they celebrate and question it. We experienced them as intelligent, joyful and radical artists – theatremakers for future theatre.«

You can read the laudatory speeches from Sarah Yawa Quarshie and Julia Wissert on the winning duo Ta-Nia here.

The Stückemarkt Commission of Work has been awarded since 2007 as a means of sustainable support for artists. It is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb. 

Thomas Krüger, President of the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb sent this address: 

»Creating solidarity and community and filling them with life may be easier said than done at times, but it is not impossible. I see great potential in you in this respect – for the development of prospects and spaces that provide these possibilities for solidarity and community. You are young artists who redefine spaces for what is conceivable and who find new ways of inventing the future.«

The awarding of the Stückemarkt Commission of Work marked the conclusion of this year’s Stückemarkt, which looks for new forms of authorship and innovative theatre languages in an international competition every year. This year, Stückemarkt assembled artistic works that deal with the motto “Against Separation”.  

Stückemarkt presented the texts “Coop (German: Zaun)” by Sam Max, “Dreams in Blk Majorr” by Ta-Nia (Talia Paulette Oliveras and Nia Farrell) and “Midnight Movie” by Eve Leigh in the form of scenic readings streamed live as well as recordings of the performances “Aalaapi” by Laurence Dauphinais and “Nanjing” by Jude Christian.

The artists invited to Stückemarkt participated in Artists’ Talks and workshops and were featured in film portraits. Together with the author and dramaturge Marcus Peter Tesch, they took part in a virtual writers’ room to reflect on structural conditions of contemporary authorship. Furthermore, for the first time, Stückemarkt’s artists were guests of the Royal Court Theatre’s Playwright’s Podcast, hosted by Simon Stephens. 

The Opening of Stückemarkt as well as the following panels are still accessible on

“Drama and the Pandemic Or: The Polyphony of the Monologue”
“Drama and the Pandemic Or: The Shelf Life of Dramatic Texts”
“Against Separation” Or: Who Is “We”?

Current press images are available for download on Berliner Festspiele’s website.