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Andreas Gursky, Antarctic, 2010

Andreas Gursky / Courtesy Sprüth Magers / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020.

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The massive protest movement on Hong Kong’s streets has lasted for an entire summer. The movement appears to be persistent, it stirs and produces enduring images. The future, however, remains unclear. The movement itself and the predicament that it finds itself are food for thought. Why Hong Kong? What has made the situation in which Hong Kong finds itself so unique? What does the predicament in Hong Kong tell the rest of the world? What are similarities and differences with regards to freedom struggles in other parts in the world?

Parallel to the screenings here in Berlin, the history of Hong Kong is being re-written. What will Hong Kong’s future be like? This film series is an opportunity to learn about the city, its dynamics and its inhabitants, and to understand why Hong Kong is a portent of many of the challenges contemporary democracies are facing today.


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