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National Contests

Theatertreffen der Jugend

We would like to thank the 21 companies that were included in the shortlistround very much for enabling the jury to see their productions in these unusual times. Equally heartfelt thanks go to our jury members for their committed work for art by young people. Unfortunately, the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has reached such dynamics that we have decided to interrupt the live viewing period.

This decision is as difficult as it is necessary in order to prevent us from endangering more people. Since our jury has only been able to visit around half of all plays to date, a fair selection process no longer seems possible. That is why there will be no final selection this year. Instead, also on behalf of the Director of Berliner Festspiele and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, we would like to express our esteem for the 21 groups and to congratulate them on reaching the intermediate selection round.

Being chosen for the intermediate selection round from among 104 applications for the contest means having already achieved the biggest step, because all these exemplary plays have won over the jury. We will shortly introduce these 21 groups and their productions here.

Applications Tanztreffen der Jugend 2020

Application period extended

The application period was extended due to the many measures to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19). Applications are therefore still possible until 5 June 2020.

Applications Treffen junger Autor*innen 2020

Applications are possible as of now. Deadline is 15 July 2020.
The selection will be announced in mid-September 2020.

Applications Treffen junge Musik-Szene 2020

Applications are possible as of now. Deadline is 31 July 2020.
The selection will be announced in late August 2020.

About the National Contests

The national contests hosted by Berliner Festspiele are aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 21 who are active in the fields of theatre, dance, music and literature.
About the national contests

Theatertreffen der Jugend

22 – 30 May 2020

For young people who created own productions at school or in theatre groups.
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Tanztreffen der Jugend

18 – 25 September 2020

For young people who tried out contemporary dance as a means of expression in their productions.
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Treffen junger Autor*innen

12 – 16 November 2020

For young people who want to express themselves or something else in their own words, in prose, poetry, drama or in free form.
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Treffen junge Musik-Szene

25 – 30 November 2020

For young people who connect their own texts and their own music in bands, duos or as singer-songwriters.
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