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40 jahre globe unity orchestra40 Jahre Globe Unity Orchestra2006
8 bold souls8 Bold Souls1991
aaron parksAaron Parks2009
ab baars trioAb Baars Trio2002
abbey lincolnAbbey Lincoln1989
abraham burton quartetAbraham Burton Quartet1995
abraham inc.Abraham Inc.2013
achim kaufmann „skein extended“Achim Kaufmann „SKEIN Extended“2016
acoustic ladylandAcoustic Ladyland2004
adam bałdych quintet feat. dana hawkinsAdam Bałdych Quintet feat. Dana Hawkins2011
adam makowicz piano soloAdam Makowicz piano solo1987
adam pierończyk feat. gary thomasAdam Pierończyk feat. Gary Thomas2011
airto percussion soloAirto percusssion solo1976
aki takase & charlotte greveAki Takase & Charlotte Greve2016
aki takase – han benninkAki Takase – Han Bennink2012
aki takase plays fats wallerAki Takase plays Fats Waller2004
aki takase – rudi mahallAki Takase – Rudi Mahall1998
aki takase septetAki Takase Septet1993
aki takase trioAki Takase Trio1981
aladar pege trioAladar Pege Trio1964
alan skidmore feat. amampondoAlan Skidmore feat. Amampondo2000
alan skidmores ubizoAlan Skidmore’s Ubizo2008
alberta hunterAlberta Hunter1982
albert ayler quintetAlbert Ayler Quintet1966
albert mangelsdorff quartettAlbert Mangelsdorff Quartett1971
albert mangelsdorff quintettAlbert Mangelsdorff Quintett1966
albert mangelsdorff und das klaus doldinger quartettAlbert Mangelsdorff und das Klaus Doldinger Quartett1965
albert mangelsdorff-wolfgang dauner quintettAlbert Mangelsdorff – Wolfgang Dauner Quintett1995
alexander von schlippenbach & aki takase celebrating eric dolphyAlexander von Schlippenbach & Aki Takase ‘Celebrating Eric Dolphy’2014
alexander von schlippenbach & die enttaeuschungAlexander von Schlippenbach & Die Enttäuschung2002
alexander von schlippenbach: globe unityAlexander von Schlippenbach: “Globe Unity”1966
alexander von schlippenbachs globe unity orchestraAlexander von Schlippenbachs Globe Unity Orchestra1970
alexeij koslows arsenalAlexeij Koslows ‘Arsenal’1980
ali akbar khan + john handyAli Akbar Khan + John Handy1972
al jarreau + trioAl Jarreau + Trio1976
allen toussaints jazzity projectAllen Toussaint’s Jazzity Project2006
alphonse mouzon groupAlphonse Mouzon Group1976
alte leidenschaftenAlte Leidenschaften1992
ambassadors of new orleansAmbassadors Of New Orleans2004
ambrose akinmusireAmbrose Akinmusire2017
ambrose akinmusire quartet + theo bleckmannAmbrose Akinmusire Quartet + Theo Bleckmann2015
amina claudine myers trio, special guest oezayAmina Claudine Myers Trio, special guest Özay2005
amir elsaffar + zinc & copperAmir ElSaffar + Zinc & Copper2017
amiri baraka and the advanced workersAmiri Baraka and the Advanced Workers1977
amiri baraka &blue arkAmiri Baraka &Blue Ark1994
amirtha kidambi & elder onesAmirtha Kidambi & Elder Ones2017
anders bergcrantz quintetAnders Bergcrantz Quintet2001
anderson-bennink-moebus-glerum-van kemenadeAnderson – Bennink – Möbus – Glerum – van Kemenade2010
andrew hillAndrew Hill1986
andrew hill sextetAndrew Hill Sextet2002
andrew robson trioAndrew Robson Trio2004
andromeda mega express orchestraAndromeda Mega Express Orchestra2008
andromeda mega express orchestraAndromeda Mega Express Orchestra2011
andy bey trioAndy Bey Trio2000
andy narellAndy Narell1982
angelika niescierAngelika Niescier2017
angelika niescier – florian weber quintetAngelika Niescier – Florian Weber Quintet2016
anita oday + trioAnita O’Day + Trio1970
anna homler – richard sanderson – steve beresfordAnna Homler – Richard Sanderson – Steve Beresford2003
annie whitehead bandAnnie Whitehead Band1985
anthony braxton + gruppe neue musik berlinAnthony Braxton + Gruppe Neue Musik Berlin1976
anthony braxton quartetAnthony Braxton Quartet1976
anthony braxton trioAnthony Braxton Trio1979
anthony davis piano soloAnthony Davis piano solo1987
antonio faraò quartetAntonio Faraò Quartet2001
antonio zepedaAntonio Zepeda1986
archie shepp and his groupArchie Shepp and his Group1967
archie shepp quartetArchie Shepp Quartet2014
archie shepp quartet feat. amina claudine myersArchie Shepp Quartet feat. Amina Claudine Myers2012
archie shepp quartet, special guest earl turbintoArchie Shepp Quartet, special guest Earl Turbinto1995
arfi la grande illusionARFI ‘La Grande Illusion’2003
arild andersen trioArild Andersen Trio2009
armenian navy bandArmenian Navy Band2004
arne jansen trioArne Jansen Trio2008
arnie lawrence treasure island + tom harrell and franco ambrosettiArnie Lawrence Treasure Island + Tom Harrell and Franco Ambrosetti1977
arrigo barnabé projectArrigo Barnabé Project1982
art blakey and his new jazz messengersArt Blakey And His New Jazz Messengers1968
art blakey and the jazz messengersArt Blakey and The Jazz Messengers1979
art blakey and the jazz messengersArt Blakey And The Jazz Messengers1987
art blakey’s new jazz menArt Blakey’s New Jazz Men1965
art ensemble of chicagoArt Ensemble of Chicago2018
art ensemble of chicagoArt Ensemble Of Chicago1976
art ensemble of chicago, lester bowie’s brass fantasy, amambutho male chorusArt Ensemble of Chicago + Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy + Amambutho Male Chorus1991
art hodes piano soloArt Hodes piano solo1991
arthur blythe in the traditionArthur Blythe ‘In the Tradition’1980
arto lindsay ambitious loversArto Lindsay Ambitious Lovers1985
arturo sandoval sextetArturo Sandoval Sextet1986
association pierre courboisAssociation Pierre Courbois1971
association urbanétiqueAssociation Urbanétique1990
atom string quartetAtom String Quartet2011
aubrey ghent and friends sacred steelAubrey Ghent And Friends ‘Sacred Steel’2000
avishai cohen trioAvishai Cohen Trio2008
baby bonkBaby Bonk2005
baby laurence and the duke ellington trioBaby Laurence and the Duke Ellington Trio1973
baird hersey & the year of the earBaird Hersey & ‘The Year Of The Ear’1980
ballin the jackBallin’ the Jack2003
barbara dennerlein quartetBarbara Dennerlein Quartet1993
barry guy new orchestraBarry Guy New Orchestra2009
barry miles – eric kloss duoBarry Miles – Eric Kloss Duo1977
barry miles & silverlightBarry Miles & Silverlight1977
battle of the big hornsBattle of the Big Horns1985
b.b.king and his orchestraB.B.King and his Orchestra1973
before my timesBefore My Times1987
bennie maupin quartetBennie Maupin Quartet2008
bennie wallace coleman hawkins centennialBennie Wallace ‘Coleman Hawkins Centennial’2004
bennie wallace project, ndr studio band & soloistsBennie Wallace Project, NDR Studio Band & Soloists1981
bennie wallace quartetBennie Wallace Quartet1999
bennie wallace trioBennie Wallace Trio1978
benny bailey – don menza-comboBenny Bailey – Don Menza-Combo1964
bailey-menza comboBenny Bailey – Don Menza-Combo1964
ben sidranBen Sidran1992
berlin all starsBerlin All Stars1966
berlin-chicago-london special feat. nubya garcia und makaya mccravenBerlin-Chicago-London Special feat. Nubya Garcia und Makaya McCraven2018
berlin contemporary jazz orchestraBerlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra1990
berlin festival piano workshopBerlin Festival Piano Workshop1965
berlin festival tenor workshopBerlin Festival Tenor Workshop1965
bessie griffinBessie Griffin1983
betty carter & her trioBetty Carter & her Trio1991
betty carter + trioBetty Carter + Trio1976
big sams funky nationBig Sam’s Funky Nation2011
bill dixon ensembleBill Dixon Ensemble1999
bill frisellBill Frisell2018
bill frisell trioBill Frisell Trio2005
bill ware’s vibesBill Ware’s Vibes1999
billy branch and sons of bluesBilly Branch and Sons of Blues1990
billy jenkins - fun horns jazz gives me the bluesBilly Jenkins – Fun Horns ‘Jazz Gives Me The Blues’2004
blue boxBlue Box1985
bobby hutcherson quartetBobby Hutcherson Quartet1986
bobby mcferrinBobby McFerrin1982
bobby previte weather clear, track fastBobby Previte ‘Weather Clear, Track Fast’1991
bobby radcliff trioBobby Radcliff Trio1991
bob mintzer bigbandBob Mintzer Bigband1987
bobo stenson piano soloBobo Stenson piano solo2001
bobo stenson trioBobo Stenson Trio2008
bob rahboat moses groupBob ‘Rahboat’ Moses Group1984
bob stewart – first line bandBob Stewart – First Line Band1989
boi akihBoi Akih2004
boisec ardoin – canray fontenotBoisec Ardoin – Canray Fontenot1980
boogie woogie redBoogie Woogie Red1974
booker t.Booker T.2009
borah bergman piano soloBorah Bergman piano solo1987
boris blacher: improvisation ueber plus minus einsBoris Blacher: “Improvisation über Plus Minus Eins”1966
bosko petrovics nonconvertible all starsBoško Petrović’s Nonconvertible All Stars1971
brasileirinho ao vivoBrasileirinho Ao Vivo2007
brass maskBrass Mask2014
brazil jazz allstarsBrazil Jazz Allstars1982
breakfast bandBreakfast Band1981
broetzmann – oliver – kellers feat. manfred schoofBrötzmann – Oliver – Kellers feat. Manfred Schoof1989
brueckner beatBrückner Beat2012
bryan lopes trioBryan Lopes Trio2006
buddy defranco – rolf kuehn – eddie danielsBuddy DeFranco – Rolf Kühn – Eddie Daniels1997
buddy rich and the buddy rich orchestra, feat. steve marcusBuddy Rich and The Buddy Rich Orchestra, feat. Steve Marcus1984
buell neidlinger and stringjazzBuell Neidlinger and Stringjazz1988
bugge wesseltoftBugge Wesseltoft2001
buirette – cabannés – fonfrèdeBuirette – Cabannés – Fonfrède1988
bujazzo & maria baptist ‘city grooves’BuJazzO & Maria Baptist ‘City Grooves’2011
burnin red ivanhoe, guest-soloist: john tchicaiBurnin’ Red Ivanhoe, guest-soloist: John Tchicai1969
caecilie norbyCæcilie Norby2001
cæcilie norby groupCæcilie Norby Group2011
cannonball adderley groupCannonball Adderley Group1972
caribbean jazz workshop groupCaribbean Jazz Workshop Group1986
carla thomas and the soul caravanCarla Thomas and The Soul Caravan1968
carmen lundy quartetCarmen Lundy Quartet1985
carmen mcrae and her trioCarmen McRae and her Trio1975
carolyn breuer-fee claassen quintet, feat. hermann breuerCarolyn Breuer – Fee Claassen Quintet, feat. Hermann Breuer1995
cécile mclorin salvant quartetCécile McLorin Salvant Quartet2015
cecil taylor quartetCecil Taylor Quartet1969
cecil taylor unitCecil Taylor Unit1975
cecil taylor unit + balletCecil Taylor Unit + Ballet1983
céline bonacina trioCéline Bonacina Trio2010
champion jack dupreeChampion Jack Dupree1964
champion jack dupree trioChampion Jack Dupree Trio1964
change of the century orchestraChange Of The Century Orchestra1987
charles earland quartetCharles Earland Quartet1993
charles lloyd and maria farantouri amarandoCharles Lloyd and Maria Farantouri ‘Amarando’2011
charles lloyd quartetCharles Lloyd Quartet1982
charles lloyd which way is eastCharles Lloyd ‘Which Way is East’2004
charles lloyd wild man dance projectCharles Lloyd Wild Man Dance Project2015
charles mingus’ epitaphCharles Mingus’ EPITAPH1991
charles mingus groupCharles Mingus Group1975
charlie haden's liberation music orchestra not in our nameCharlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra ‘Not in Our Name’2005
charlie hadens quartet westCharlie Haden’s Quartet West1992
charlie mariano bangaloreCharlie Mariano ‘Bangalore’1998
charlie parker tributeCharlie Parker Tribute1994
charlie watts orchestraCharlie Watts Orchestra1986
chick corea akoustic bandChick Corea Akoustic Band1987
chick corea – gary burtonChick Corea – Gary Burton1979
chico freeman, franco ambrosetti & the percussion orchestraChico Freeman, Franco Ambrosetti & The Percussion Orchestra1999
chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breathChris McGregor's Brotherhood Of Breath1971
christian brueckner – christian weidnerChristian Brückner – Christian Weidner2013
christian scottChristian Scott2013
christine tobinChristine Tobin1998
christine tobinChristine Tobin2010
christmann-schoenenberg duo + elisabeth clarkeChristmann-Schönenberg Duo + Elisabeth Clarke1980
christof lauer quartetChristof Lauer Quartet1999
christof lauer trioChristof Lauer Trio2009
christopher hollydayChristopher Hollyday1989
christopher rumbleChristopher Rumble2013
christoph haberer pulsationChristoph Haberer ‘Pulsation’1994
christoph spendel piano soloChristoph Spendel piano solo1978
christoph spendel – wolfgang schlueter duoChristoph Spendel – Wolfgang Schlüter Duo1980
chyco jehelmann piano soloChyco Jehelmann piano solo1986
c.j.chenier and the red hot louisiana bandC.J.Chenier and The Red Hot Louisiana Band1988
claes crona piano soloClaes Crona piano solo2001
clarence gatemouth brown bandClarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown Band1980
coleman hawkins, bud freeman, jay jay johnson u.a.Coleman Hawkins, Bud Freeman, Jay Jay Johnson u.a.1964
colin towns blue touch paperColin Towns Blue Touch Paper2011
colin towns mask orchestraColin Towns Mask Orchestra feat. Maria Pia De Vito1998
como, mississippi fife and drum bandComo, Mississippi Fife and Drum Band1980
compagnie lubat de gasconhaCompagnie Lubat de Gasconha1996
compagnie lubat & marc perroneCompagnie Lubat & Marc Perrone1988
conección latinaConección Latina1982
connie crothers piano soloConnie Crothers piano solo1980
conrad herwig the latin side of john coltraneConrad Herwig ‘The Latin Side of John Coltrane’1997
contact trioContact Trio1981
count basie and his orchestraCount Basie and His Orchestra1968
courtney pine quintetCourtney Pine Quintet1987
curtis fuller brasstetCurtis Fuller Brasstet2009
dafnis prieto proverb trioDafnis Prieto Proverb Trio2013
dakota staton and her trioDakota Staton and her Trio1965
daniel humair quartetDaniel Humair Quartet2014
daniel ponce conga soloDaniel Ponce conga solo1983
daniel schnyder the cityDaniel Schnyder ‘the city’1990
darius milhaud: la creation du mondeDarius Milhaud: “La Creation du Monde”1991
das boese dingDas Böse Ding2006
das kapital & manic cinemaDas Kapital & Manic Cinema2012
das saba quartet, feat. jean-luc ponty und wolfgang daunerDas Saba Quartet, feat. Jean-Luc Ponty und Wolfgang Dauner1967
dauner – mangelsdorff duoDauner – Mangelsdorff Duo1980
dave brubeck group, feat. paul desmond and gerry mulliganDave Brubeck Group, feat. Paul Desmond and Gerry Mulligan1972
dave brubeck quartetDave Brubeck Quartet1966
dave douglas groupDave Douglas Group1994
dave douglas quintetDave Douglas Quintet2006
dave frishbergDave Frishberg1992
dave liebman lookout farm + john abercrombieDave Liebman ‘Lookout Farm’ + John Abercrombie1975
dave pikeDave Pike1967
dave pike setDave Pike Set1969
dave pike setDave Pike Set1969
david fathead newman quintetDavid ‘Fathead’ Newman Quintet2003
david friedman + les percussion de strasbourgDavid Friedman + Les Percussion De Strasbourg1977
david friedman quartet, special guest: emily remlerDavid Friedman Quartet, special guest: Emily Remler1981
david friesen – john stowellDavid Friesen – John Stowell1979
david grisman quartet + guestsDavid Grisman Quartet + guests1988
david moss my favorite things projectDavid Moss ‘My Favorite Things’ Project1991
david murray big bandDavid Murray Big Band1998
david murray octetDavid Murray Octet1983
david sanbornDavid Sanborn2008
david tronzo - dr. jekyll & mr. hydeDavid Tronzo – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde1995
deadly weaponsDeadly Weapons1987
dee dee bridgewater and her trioDee Dee Bridgewater and her Trio1989
dee dee bridgewater – ray brown trio – wdr big bandDee Dee Bridgewater – Ray Brown Trio – WDR Big Band1997
deep schrottDeep Schrott2012
dejohnette – coltrane – garrisonDeJohnette – Coltrane – Garrison2016
delois barrett campbell and the barrett sistersDelois Barrett Campbell And The Barrett Sisters1983
denis colin & la societe des arpenteursDenis Colin & la Société des Arpenteurs2010
dennis rollins badbone & coDennis Rollins’ Badbone & Co2004
denny zeitlin piano soloDenny Zeitlin piano solo1983
denys baptiste let freedom ring!Denys Baptiste ‘Let Freedom Ring!’2004
denys baptiste ‘now is the time – let freedom ring!’Denys Baptiste ‘Now Is The Time – Let Freedom Ring!’2014
derek bailey guitar soloDerek Bailey guitar solo1972
der pleitejazzDer Pleitejazz2006
der rote bereichDer Rote Bereich1999
deutsch-franzoesisches jazz-ensembleDeutsch-Französisches Jazz-Ensemble1985
deutsch-franzoesisches jazz-ensembleDeutsch-Französisches Jazz-Ensemble2001
dexter gordon quartet plus special guestDexter Gordon Quartet plus special guest1978
dexter gordon, stephane grappelli + jean luc pontyDexter Gordon, Stephane Grappelli + Jean Luc Ponty1966
dick hymanDick Hyman1993
die konferenzDie Konferenz2004
dieter ilgDieter Ilg2008
dino saluzzi quartetDino Saluzzi Quartet1982
diva - no mans bandDIVA – No Man’s Band1997
diwan der kontinenteDiwan der Kontinente2015
dizu plaatjies ibuyambo ensembleDizu Plaatjies Ibuyambo Ensemble2009
dizzy gillespie and candido in afro-cuban jazzDizzy Gillespie and Candido in Afro-Cuban Jazz1974
dizzy gillespie quintet, feat. james moodyDizzy Gillespie Quintet, feat. James Moody1980
djalma corrêa percussion ensembleDjalma Corrêa Percussion Ensemble1982
django bates beloved birdDjango Bates Beloved Bird2010
django bates delightful precipiceDjango Bates’ Delightful Precipice1993
django bates & stormchaserDjango Bates & stoRMChaser2007
dj spooky and the matthew shipp trioDJ Spooky and the Matthew Shipp Trio2003
doctor feelgood piano redDoctor Feelgood (Piano Red)1980
doctor rossDoctor Ross1980
dollar brand + miriam makebaDollar Brand + Miriam Makeba1978
dollar brand quartetDollar Brand Quartet1978
dom um romao quintetDom Um Romao Quintet1976
don byas und das teddy wilson trioDon Byas und das Teddy Wilson Trio1965
don byron music for six musiciansDon Byron Music for Six Musicians2003
don byron quintetDon Byron Quintet1994
don cherry big band solist pharoah sandersDon Cherry Big Band, Solist Pharoah Sanders1968
don cherry – jabbo smith collaborationDon Cherry – Jabbo Smith Collaboration1986
don ellis and the berlin dream bandDon Ellis and the Berlin Dream Band1967
don ellis conducting the berlin dream band and the peter cornehlsen chorusDon Ellis conducting The Berlin Dream Band and The Peter Cornehlsen Chorus1968
doran-studer-burri-magnenatDoran – Studer – Burri – Magnenat1990
double imageDouble Image1977
double imageDouble Image1992
doug wamble quartetDoug Wamble Quartet2004
dr. lonnie smith – hank crawford quartetDr. Lonnie Smith – Hank Crawford Quartet2003
dr. lonnie smith trioDr. Lonnie Smith Trio2017
duck and coverDuck and Cover1983
duke ellington and his famous orchestra, guest artist wild bill davisDuke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra, guest artist Wild Bill Davis1969
duke ellington sextetDuke Ellington Sextet1973
duo christmann – schoenenbergDuo Christmann – Schönenberg1978
dylan howe’s subterraneans Dylan Howe’s Subterraneans 2015
earl hines orchestra and billy eckstineEarl Hines Orchestra and Billy Eckstine1974
earl hines quartet + marva josieEarl Hines Quartet + Marva Josie1970
eberhard weber coloursEberhard Weber Colours1974
eberhard weber + das blechblaeser ensemble der deutschen oper berlinEberhard Weber + das Blechbläser Ensemble der Deutschen Oper Berlin1977
eberhard weber-paul mccandless duoEberhard Weber – Paul McCandless Duo1995
eddie bo and his bandEddie Bo and his Band2006
eddie cleanhead' vinsonEddie ‘Cleanhead‘ Vinson1973
eddie daniels, jack wilkins + string quartetEddie Daniels, Jack Wilkins + string quartet1984
egberto gismonti quartetEgberto Gismonti Quartet + Hermeto Pascoal1975
‘ein polnischer traum’‘Ein Polnischer Traum’2011
eje thelin groupEje Thelin Group1978
el gustoEl Gusto2007
elias stemesederElias Stemeseder2018
elliott sharp tribute: mlk berlin’64Elliott Sharp ‘Tribute: MLK Berlin’64’2014
elton deans newsenseElton Dean’s Newsense1997
elvin jones + art blakeyElvin Jones + Art Blakey1972
elvin jones jazz machineElvin Jones Jazz Machine1994
elvin jones quartetElvin Jones Quartet1972
elvin jones trioElvin Jones Trio1968
emil mangelsdorff quartettEmil Mangelsdorff Quartett2010
enrico pieranunzi trio, special guest massimo urbaniEnrico Pieranunzi Trio, special guest Massimo Urbani1984
enrico rava italian projectEnrico Rava Italian Project1984
enrico rava quintetEnrico Rava Quintet2005
ensemble denadaEnsemble Denada2009
enzo favata 'made in sardinia', feat. tenores di bittiEnzo Favata ‘Made in Sardinia’, feat. Tenores di Bitti2005
eric kloss – barry miles duoEric Kloss – Barry Miles Duo1978
eric vloeimans trioEric Vloeimans Trio2003
erika stucky: mrs. bubble & bonesErika Stucky: Mrs. Bubble & Bones2000
erika stucky & roots of communicationErika Stucky & Roots of Communication2006
erik truffaz 4tetErik Truffaz 4tet2007
erkan ogur-philip catherineErkan Oğur – Philip Cathérine2005
ernestine anderson + ray brown trioErnestine Anderson + Ray Brown Trio1979
ernst-ludwig petrowsky projektErnst-Ludwig Petrowsky Projekt1995
ernst reijseger système dErnst Reijseger Système D2004
erroll garnerErroll Garner1967
erwin helfer piano soloErwin Helfer piano solo2002
‘erwin mit der troete’ – ndr bigband mit rainer tempel‘Erwin mit der Tröte’ – NDR Bigband mit Rainer Tempel2011
esbjoern svensson trioEsbjörn Svensson Trio2001
esteban jordan y su rio jordanEsteban Jordan y su Rio Jordan1988
etta jamesEtta James1983
eva klesse quartettEva Klesse Quartett2014
evan parker-paul lytton duoEvan Parker-Paul Lytton Duo1972
eve risser’s white desert orchestraEve Risser’s White Desert Orchestra2016
everyman bandEveryman Band1982
experimenti berlinExperimenti Berlin1992
exploding star international: chicago-berlinExploding Star International: Chicago-Berlin2018
famoudou don moye – hartmut geerkenFamoudou Don Moye – Hartmut Geerken2012
farmers marketFarmers Market2005
fat kid wednesdaysFat Kid Wednesdays2007
fela anikulapo kuti and africa 70Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Africa 701978
ferenc snétberger trioFerenc Snétberger Trio2005
fire! orchestraFire! Orchestra2014
flamenco jazz, pedro itturalde sextet, paco de lucíaFlamenco Jazz, Pedro Itturalde Sextet, Paco de Lucía1967
florian ross 8ballFlorian Ross 8Ball2007
florian weber trio minsarahFlorian Weber Trio Minsarah2006
folklore e bossa nova do brasilFolklore e Bossa Nova do Brasil1966
food + fenneszFood + Fennesz2013
francesco bearzatti 4tet monk’n’rollFrancesco Bearzatti 4tet ‘Monk’n’Roll’2014
franco ambrosetti tentetFranco Ambrosetti Tentet1985
frankfurter quartett fuer improvisationFrankfurter Quartett für Improvisation1971
frank gratkowski doppelquartettFrank Gratkowski Doppelquartett2005
freddie hubbard quintetFreddie Hubbard Quintet1977
freddie hubbard quintet + woody shawFreddie Hubbard Quintet + Woody Shaw1985
fred frith & que dla gueuleFred Frith & Que D’La Gueule1992
fredrik lundin overdrive belly upFredrik Lundin Overdrive ‘Belly Up’2005
fred van hove: requiem fuer orgel und free jazz-gruppeFred van Hove: “Requiem für Orgel und Free Jazz-Gruppe”1968
free nelson mandoomjazzFree Nelson Mandoomjazz2014
friedemann graef: indogermanica suiteFriedemann Graef: “Indogermanica Suite”1983
frigg brechtFrigg ‘Brecht’1998
fun hornsFun Horns1990
gail thompsons jazz africaGail Thompson’s Jazz Africa1997
ganelin trioGanelin Trio1980
gary bartz ntu troopGary Bartz NTU Troop1975
gary burton quartet, feat. roy haynesGary Burton Quartet, feat. Roy Haynes1968
gary burton soloGary Burton solo1971
gary lucasGary Lucas1988
gary thomas seventh quadrantGary Thomas’ Seventh Quadrant1990
gato barbieri groupGato Barbieri Group1974
gato barbieris fenixGato Barbieri’s ‘Fenix’1972
gebhard ullmann basement researchGebhard Ullmann Basement Research2007
gebhard ullmann 'berlin suite'Gebhard Ullmann 'Berlin Suite'2013
gebhard ullmann tá lam 6Gebhard Ullmann ‘Tá Lam 6’1991
gebhard ullmann ta lam zehnGebhard Ullmann ‘Tá Lam Zehn’1998
geir lysne listening ensembleGeir Lysne Listening Ensemble2001
gene harris and the philip morris superbandGene Harris and the Philip Morris Superband1989
george duke groupGeorge Duke Group1977
george gruntz + 4 flutes jazz goes baroqueGeorge Gruntz + 4 Flutes ‘Jazz goes Baroque’1966
george gruntz concert jazz bandGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band1994
george gruntz concert jazz band liebermannGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band ‘Liebermann’1998
george gruntz concert jazz band with special guestsGeorge Gruntz Concert Jazz Band with special guests1988
george lewis and the now orchestraGeorge Lewis and the Now Orchestra2002
george russell groupGeorge Russell Group1970
george russell und die swedish radio jazz groupGeorge Russell und die Swedish Radio Jazz Group1977
george shearing duoGeorge Shearing Duo1987
gerd dudek international quartetGerd Dudek International Quartet2004
geri allen & timelineGeri Allen & Timeline2012
geri allen trioGeri Allen Trio2012
gerry hemingway quintetGerry Hemingway Quintet1996
gerry mulligan all starsGerry Mulligan All Stars1965
gerry weil groupGerry Weil Group1982
gert anklamGert Anklam1999
get set v.o.p.Get Set V.O.P.1993
get the blessingGet The Blessing2014
giant step nyc presents jazz it upGiant Step NYC presents “jazz it up”1993
gilad atzmon orient house ensembleGilad Atzmon Orient House Ensemble2003
gil evans conducts the berlin dream bandGil Evans Conducts The Berlin Dream Band1971
gil evans + laurent cugny bigband lumiereGil Evans + Laurent Cugny Bigband ‘Lumiere’1987
gil evans orchestraGil Evans Orchestra1976
giovanni guidi trioGiovanni Guidi Trio2015
glenn ferris trioGlenn Ferris Trio1997
glenn horiuchi shamisen trioGlenn Horiuchi Shamisen Trio1993
global village & butoh tanzGlobal Village & Butoh Tanz1993
globe unity orchestraGlobe Unity Orchestra1986
globe unity orchestraGlobe Unity Orchestra1976
globe unity orchestraGlobe Unity Orchestra2016
gnawa jazz voodoo joachim kuehn africa connection, feat. pharoah sanders‘Gnawa Jazz Voodoo’ Joachim Kühn Africa Connection, feat. Pharoah Sanders2013
gonzalito rubalcaba y grupo proyectoGonzalito Rubalcaba Y Grupo Proyecto1986
gonzalo rubalcaba trioGonzalo Rubalcaba Trio1998
goran kajfesGoran Kajfeš2001
greetje bijma kwintetGreetje Bijma Kwintet1989
gregory porterGregory Porter2011
groove collectiveGroove Collective1993
guitar islancioGuitar Islancio2001
guitar workshop – elmer snowden, buddy guy, barney kessel + newport all starsGuitar Workshop – Elmer Snowden, Buddy Guy, Barney Kessel + Newport All Stars1967
guitar workshop – jim hall, baden powell, gary burton quartet, feat. larry coryellGuitar Workshop – Jim Hall, Baden Powell, Gary Burton Quartet, feat. Larry Coryell1967
guenter baby sommers hoermusikGünter ‘Baby’ Sommers ‘Hörmusik’1980
guenter 'baby’ sommer ‘songs for kommeno’Günter 'Baby’ Sommer ‘Songs for Kommeno’2012
gunter hampel all-starsGunter Hampel All-Stars1983
gunter hampel: galaxie dream bandGunter Hampel: Galaxie Dream Band1978
gunter hampel - johannes schleiermacher duoGunter Hampel - Johannes Schleiermacher Duo2007
gunter hampel quintetGunter Hampel Quintet1971
gunther klatt and tizianGunther Klatt and Tizian1998
guenther klatt & elephantrombonesGünther Klatt & Elephantrombones1987
guy – crispell – lytton trioGuy – Crispell – Lytton Trio1998
guy klucevsekGuy Klucevsek1988
guy klucevsek – phillip johnston duoGuy Klucevsek – Phillip Johnston Duo2003
gyoergy szabados piano soloGyörgy Szabados Piano solo1987
hal galper quintet, feat. mike + randy breckerHal Galper Quintet, feat. Mike + Randy Brecker1977
hal russell nrg ensembleHal Russell NRG Ensemble1991
halvorson / saito / allbee / dahlgrenHalvorson / Saito / Allbee / Dahlgren2018
hamid drake & yuko oshimaHamid Drake & Yuko Oshima2018
hamiet bluiett and the clarinet familyHamiet Bluiett and The Clarinet Family1984
han bennink - hermeto pascoal duoHan Bennink – Hermeto Pascoal Duo2005
hank jones trioHank Jones Trio + Joe Lovano2009
hank roberts black pastelsHank Roberts ‘Black Pastels’1988
hannibal marvin peterson and the sunrise orchestraHannibal Marvin Peterson and The Sunrise Orchestra1976
hans reichel guitar soloHans Reichel guitar solo1976
hans reichel – ruediger carl duoHans Reichel – Rüdiger Carl Duo2003
hans reichel – tom coraHans Reichel – Tom Cora1989
hazmat modineHazmat Modine2007
heavy metal quartetHeavy Metal Quartet1994
hector lavoe and his orchestraHector Lavoe and his Orchestra1975
hedvig mollestad trioHedvig Mollestad Trio2014
heinz sauer – bob degenHeinz Sauer – Bob Degen2008
heinz sauer quintettHeinz Sauer Quintett1995
heinz werner zimmermann: psalmus vanitatisHeinz Werner Zimmermann: “Psalmus Vanitatis”1968
helen merrillHelen Merrill1990
helios quartet feat. emmanuelle somerHelios Quartet feat. Emmanuelle Somer2000
henri texier strada sextetHenri Texier Strada Sextet2007
henry butler & corey harris vue-due menHenry Butler & Corey Harris ‘Vü-Dü Menz’2000
henry threadgill – very, very circusHenry Threadgill – Very, Very Circus1990
herbie hancock gershwin's worldHerbie Hancock ‘Gershwin’s World’1999
herbie hancock piano soloHerbie Hancock piano solo1977
herbie hancock quintetHerbie Hancock Quintet2008
herbie hancock quintetHerbie Hancock Quintet1974
herbie mann – candidoHerbie Mann – Candido1974
hermeto pascoal e grupoHermeto Pascoal e Grupo2005
hermia / darrifourcq / ceccaldiHermia / Darrifourcq / Ceccaldi2018
heroes are gang leadersHeroes Are Gang Leaders2017
het icp orkestHet ICP Orkest1997
hideo shiraki quintetHideo Shiraki Quintet1965
hideo shiraki quintet + three koto girlsHideo Shiraki Quintet + Three Koto Girls1965
his royal highness of hi-de-ho, the legendary cab callowayHis Royal Highness Of Hi-De-Ho, The Legendary Cab Calloway1987
holly coleHolly Cole1997
horace silver quintetHorace Silver Quintet1968
horace tapscott piano soloHorace Tapscott piano solo1988
howard johnson & gravityHoward Johnson & Gravity1996
howard johnsons book of miscellaniesHoward Johnson’s ‘Book Of Miscellanies’1982
mcghee-hoffmann duoHoward McGhee – Ingfried Hoffmann Duo1964
howard riley trioHoward Riley Trio1972
hr-bigband feat. billy cobham and jerry goodman „a celebration of the mahavishnu orchestrahr-Bigband feat. Billy Cobham and Jerry Goodman ‘A Celebration of the Mahavishnu Orchestra’2006
hr bigband, feat. joachim kuehn triohr Bigband, feat. Joachim Kühn Trio2010
huesnue senlendirici & world ensembleHüsnü Şenlendirici & World Ensemble2005
huw warren trio with june tabor & iain ballamyHuw Warren Trio with June Tabor & Iain Ballamy2004
hypnotic brass ensembleHypnotic Brass Ensemble2011
iain ballamy with stian carstensenIain Ballamy with Stian Carstensen2004
icp orchestraICP Orchestra2004
ida sandIda Sand2011
iiro rantalaIiro Rantala2011
ilhan ersahin's wonderlandIlhan Erşahin’s Wonderland2003
illinois jacquet and his orchestraIllinois Jacquet and his Orchestra1987
ilona haberkamp quartet cool is hipp is coolIlona Haberkamp Quartet ‘Cool is Hipp is Cool’2013
ingrid & christine jensen with ben monder: infinitudeIngrid & Christine Jensen with Ben Monder: Infinitude2017
ingrid jensen quintet, feat gary bartzIngrid Jensen Quintet, feat. Gary Bartz1996
ingrid laubrock & aki takaseIngrid Laubrock & Aki Takase2016
ingrid laubrock nonetIngrid Laubrock Nonet2007
in memoriam charlie parker‘In Memoriam Charlie Parker‘1964
intersouthamerican drums allstarsIntersouthamerican Drums Allstars1982
ircha mikołaj trzaska clarinet quartetIRCHA Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quartet2011
irène schweizer piano soloIrène Schweizer piano solo2002
irène schweizer - pierre favreIrène Schweizer - Pierre Favre2012
irene schweizer – ruediger carl quartetIrène Schweizer – Rüdiger Carl Quartet1981
iro haarla sextettIro Haarla Sextett2010
irreversible entanglementsIrreversible Entanglements2018
iskra 1903Iskra 19031972
italian instabile orchestraItalian Instabile Orchestra1995
jack dejohnette group, feat. don byronJack DeJohnette Group, feat. Don Byron2013
jack dejohnette special editionJack DeJohnette ‘Special Edition’1988
jacob fred jazz odysseyJacob Fred Jazz Odyssey2006
jaco pastorius soloJaco Pastorius solo1979
jaga jazzistJaga Jazzist2003
jaimeo brown transcendenceJaimeo Brown Transcendence2013
jaimie branchjaimie branch2018
jamaaladeen tacuma with jamaalJamaaladeen Tacuma with ‘Jamaal’1983
james 'blood' ulmerJames ‘Blood’ Ulmer1981
james carter electric groove bandJames Carter Electric Groove Band2000
jam sessionJam Session1969
jane bunnett-don thompson duoJane Bunnett – Don Thompson Duo1993
jane ira bloom art & aviationJane Ira Bloom ‘Art & Aviation’1993
jan garbarek – egberto gismonti – charlie hadenJan Garbarek – Egberto Gismonti – Charlie Haden1979
jan hammer groupJan Hammer Group1976
jason moran and the bandwagonJason Moran and The Bandwagon2014
jason moran and the bandwagonJason Moran and The Bandwagon2002
jason moran: fats waller dance partyJason Moran: Fats Waller Dance Party2014
jason moran - the harlem hellfightersJason Moran - The Harlem Hellfighters2018
jasper van’t hof – archie sheppJasper van’t Hof – Archie Shepp2014
jasper vant hof – philip cathérine – charlie marianoJasper van’t Hof – Philip Cathérine – Charlie Mariano1979
jasper vant hofs pork pie, feat. charlie marianoJasper van’t Hof’s Pork Pie, feat. Charlie Mariano1974
jay mcshann and the kc all starsJay McShann and the KC All Stars1978
jayne cortez & the firespittersJayne Cortez & The Firespitters1994
jazz bigband grazJazz Bigband Graz2010
jazz meets africaJazz Meets Africa1967
jazz meets india irene schweizer trioJazz Meets India – Irène Schweizer Trio1967
jazzorchester der ddr, ltg. guenter sommerJazzorchester der DDR, Ltg. Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer1990
jazz trackJazz Track1975
j.c. burrisJ.C. Burris1980
jean-luc ponty quintetJean-Luc Ponty Quintet1975
jean-paul bourelly, frank gratkowski, orphy robinson, pat thomasJean-Paul Bourelly, Frank Gratkowski, Orphy Robinson, Pat Thomas2017
jean-pierre froehly trio meets malte duerrschnabelJean-Pierre Froehly Trio meets Malte Dürrschnabel2010
jelly roll!Jelly Roll!1997
jens thomas piano soloJens Thomas piano solo2001
jeremy-steigJeremy Steig1970
jeremy steig – eddie gomez duoJeremy Steig – Eddie Gomez Duo1978
jerry gonzalez and the fort apache bandJerry Gonzalez and the Fort Apache Band1982
jim hall – charlie hadenJim Hall – Charlie Haden2002
jimmy giuffre 4Jimmy Giuffre 41984
jimmy mcgriff - hank crawford quartetJimmy McGriff – Hank Crawford Quartet1993
jimmy owens quartet plus oneJimmy Owens Quartet plus One1976
jimmy scott & the jazz expressionsJimmy Scott & The Jazz Expressions1995
jimmy smith jam sessionJimmy Smith Jam Session1972
j.j. johnson quintetJ.J. Johnson Quintet1994
joachim kuehn quartet suite to our father dukeJoachim Kühn Quartet “Suite to our Father Duke”1969
joachim kuehn quartett, feat. alphonse mouzonJoachim Kühn Quartett, feat. Alphonse Mouzon1975
joanne brackeen trioJoanne Brackeen Trio1978
joanne brackeen trioJoanne Brackeen Trio1977
jochen berg / ulrich gumpert die engel – vier kurzopernJochen Berg / Ulrich Gumpert ‘Die Engel – Vier Kurzopern’2014
jody williams quartetJody Williams Quartet2002
joe farrell & joe beck quartetJoe Farrell & Joe Beck Quartet1973
joe turner ‘harlem-piano’Joe Turner ‘Harlem-Piano’1964
joe zawinulJoe Zawinul1985
johanna borchert ‘desert road’Johanna Borchert ‘Desert Road’2014
johannes barthelmes – bardo henningJohannes Barthelmes – Bardo Henning1998
johannes faber consortiumJohannes Faber Consortium2001
johannes fabers consortium, feat. billy cobhamJohannes Faber’s Consortium, feat. Billy Cobham1985
john abercrombie trioJohn Abercrombie Trio1993
john beasley’s monk’estraJohn Beasley’s MONK’estra2017
john coltrane 'a love supreme' memorial concertJohn Coltrane 'A Love Supreme' Memorial Concert1987
john ellis bandJohn Ellis Band2006
john fischer interfaceJohn Fischer Interface1977
john mclaughlin trioJohn McLaughlin Trio1991
john mooney & bluesianaJohn Mooney & Bluesiana1991
johnny clyde copeland bandJohnny ‘Clyde’ Copeland Band1994
johnny griffin – joe henderson and the two tauri bandJohnny Griffin – Joe Henderson and the Two Tauri Band1987
johnny la maramaJohnny La Marama2007
john scofield quartetJohn Scofield Quartet1977
john scofield & the piety street bandJohn Scofield & The Piety Street Band2009
john scofield trioJohn Scofield Trio1981
john scofield with medeski martin & woodJohn Scofield with Medeski, Martin & Wood1998
john stubblefield quintetJohn Stubblefield Quintet1986
john surman – albert mangelsdorff duoJohn Surman – Albert Mangelsdorff Duo1985
john surman groupJohn Surman Group1969
john surman – jack dejohnetteJohn Surman – Jack DeJohnette2000
john tchicai + burnin red ivanhoeJohn Tchicai + Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe1969
john zorn naked cityJohn Zorn Naked City’1988
jon balke and magnetic north orchestraJon Balke and Magnetic North Orchestra2003
jon hassell – farafinaJon Hassell – Farafina1988
jon hassell & maarifa streetJon Hassell & Maarifa Street2006
jon rose eine violine fuer valentinJon Rose ‘Eine Violine für Valentin’1996
jordi sabatés piano soloJordi Sabatés piano solo1977
jorge dalto and the interamerican jazz sextetJorge Dalto and the Interamerican Jazz Sextet1982
josef och erikaJosef och Erika2011
josh roseman unitJosh Roseman Unit2004
joshua redman brad mehldau duoJoshua Redman / Brad Mehldau Duo2016
jukka perko & hurmio-orkesteriJukka Perko & Hurmio-orkesteri2001
julia holter & stringsJulia Holter & Strings2016
julia huelsmann quartet & anna-lena schnabelJulia Hülsmann Quartet & Anna-Lena Schnabel2016
julia huelsmann – rolf kuehn – joe lovano remembering jutta hippJulia Hülsmann – Rolf Kühn – Joe Lovano ‘Remembering Jutta Hipp‘2012
julia huelsmann trio & gerdur gunnarsdóttir string quartetJulia Hülsmann Trio & Gerdur Gunnarsdóttir String Quartet2007
julia kadel trioJulia Kadel Trio2015
julian argueelles octetJulian Argüelles Octet1998
julianes wilde bandeJulianes Wilde Bande2012
julie driscoll, brian auger and the trinityJulie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity1968
julien desprez & rob mazurekJulien Desprez & Rob Mazurek2018
julien wilson trioJulien Wilson Trio2006
julius hemphill sextetJulius Hemphill Sextet1992
junko onishi trioJunko Onishi Trio2009
jun miyake exoticaJun Miyake ‘Exotica’2003
k-18 some kubricks of bloodK-18 ‘Some Kubricks of Blood’2007
kadri gopalnath group + john handyKadri Gopalnath Group + John Handy1983
kain & bandKain & Band1994
kalaparusha and the lightKalaparusha and the Light1976
kara-lis coverdaleKara-Lis Coverdale2018
karen borca quartetKaren Borca Quartet1998
karin krogKarin Krog2001
karl berger music universeKarl Berger Music Universe1973
karl heinz wahren: du sollst nicht toetenKarl Heinz Wahren: “Du sollst nicht töten“1969
kazumi watanabe duoKazumi Watanabe Duo1981
keith jarrett quartetKeith Jarrett Quartet1973
kenny garrettKenny Garrett1997
kenny wheeler vocal project mirrors feat. norma winstone & john taylorKenny Wheeler Vocal Project ‘Mirrors’ feat. Norma Winstone & John Taylor1998
kent jordan quintetKent Jordan Quintet1989
ken vandermarks territory band 2Ken Vandermark’s Territory Band 22002
kevin breit and the sisters euclidKevin Breit and the Sisters Euclid2004
kid thomas preservation hall bandKid Thomas’ Preservation Hall Band1971
kim collectiveKIM Collective2018
kim & marionKim & Marion1992
kim myhrKim Myhr2018
kinsmen feat. rudresh mahanthappa & kadri gopalnathKinsmen feat. Rudresh Mahanthappa & Kadri Gopalnath2010
kit downes, philipp gropper, lucy railton, oliver steidleKit Downes, Philipp Gropper, Lucy Railton, Oliver Steidle2017
klaus doldinger quartettKlaus Doldinger Quartett1964
klaus doldinger's passportKlaus Doldinger's Passport1996
klaus doldingers passportKlaus Doldinger’s Passport1995
klaus koenig orchestraKlaus König Orchestra1992
klaus koenig orchestraKlaus König Orchestra1990
klaus koenig orchestra songs and solosKlaus König Orchestra ‘Songs and Solos’1999
klima kalimaKlima Kalima2007
kočani orkestar meets municipale balcanicaKočani Orkestar meets Municipale Balcanica & Roberto Ottaviano2010
koch-schuetz-kaeppeliKoch – Schütz – Käppeli1986
elimaKölner Saxophon Mafia – Drümmele Maa – Elima1988
kol simchaKol Simcha1999
la marmite infernaleLa Marmite Infernale1996
lange nacht des jib bjoern sickert archery ensembleLange Nacht des JIB – Björn Sickert Archery Ensemble2010
lange nacht des jib duo eleganceLange Nacht des JIB – Duo Élegance2010
lange nacht des jib jib big bandLange Nacht des JIB – JIB Big Band2010
lange nacht des jib jib faculty bandLange Nacht des JIB – JIB Faculty Band2010
lange nacht des jib john hollenbeck percussion and sax ensembleLange Nacht des JIB – John Hollenbeck Percussion and Sax Ensemble2010
lange nacht des jib judy niemacks chillida projectLange Nacht des JIB – Judy Niemack’s Chillida Project2010
lange nacht des jib latin bandLange Nacht des JIB – Latin Band2010
lange nacht des jib manfred dierkes trioLange Nacht des JIB – Manfred Dierkes Trio2010
laura jurd’s dinosaurLaura Jurd’s Dinosaur2015
laurie andersonLaurie Anderson1988
laut und luise, ernst jandl, ndr studio-band + solisten‘Laut und Luise’, Ernst Jandl, NDR Studio-Band + Solisten1985
led bibLed Bib2010
lee konitz + bill evansLee Konitz + Bill Evans1965
lee konitz – martial solal duoLee Konitz – Martial Solal Duo1980
lee konitz – martial solal quartetLee Konitz – Martial Solal Quartet1999
lee konitz quintet, feat. kai windingLee Konitz Quintet, feat. Kai Winding1974
leni stern bandLeni Stern Band1989
lennart Åberg 7 piecesLennart Åberg ‘7 Pieces’2001
leonid chizhik piano soloLeonid Chizhik piano solo1986
leon thomas and his groupLeon Thomas and his Group1970
leopold von knobelsdorff und seine boogie woogie companyLeopold von Knobelsdorff und seine Boogie Woogie Company1969
les swingle singersLes Swingle Singers1964
lester bowies brass fantasyLester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy1986
leszek możdżer piano soloLeszek Możdżer piano solo2011
liberation music orchestraLiberation Music Orchestra1982
lina nyberg plingLina Nyberg ‘Pling’2008
linda tillery and the cultural heritage choirLinda Tillery and The Cultural Heritage Choir1998
lionel hampton and his golden men of jazzLionel Hampton And His Golden Men Of Jazz1992
lionel hampton and his inner circleLionel Hampton And His Inner Circle1969
lionel loueke trioLionel Loueke Trio2009
lisbeth quartettLisbeth Quartett2009
lisbeth quartettLisbeth Quartett2011
little brother montgomery trioLittle Brother Montgomery Trio1974
little red suitcaseLittle Red Suitcase2010
livio minafra piano soloLivio Minafra piano solo2005
lizz wrightLizz Wright2011
london jazz composers orchestraLondon Jazz Composers Orchestra1998
loose tubesLoose Tubes1986
l'orchestra di piazza vittorioL’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio2005
l'orchestre national de jazz, direction: claude barthélémyL'Orchestre National de Jazz, Direction: Claude Barthélémy1990
los lobosLos Lobos1984
louie bellson big band explosionLouie Bellson Big Band Explosion1991
louis jordan timpany fiveLouis Jordan Timpany Five1973
louis moholo-moholo quartetLouis Moholo-Moholo Quartet2015
louis sclavis napolis wallsLouis Sclavis ‘Napolis Walls’2003
lucia cadotsch speak lowLucia Cadotsch Speak Low2016
lumen dronesLumen Drones2015
machito and his latin bandMachito and his Latin Band1975
maciej obara quartetMaciej Obara Quartet2018
magnus lindgren batucada jazzMagnus Lindgren ‘Batucada Jazz’2010
makoto ozone piano soloMakoto Ozone piano solo1983
mal waldron quintet, feat. steve lacyMal Waldron Quintet, feat. Steve Lacy1975
maneri – morris – maneriManeri – Morris – Maneri1995
manfred schoof orchesterManfred Schoof Orchester1985
manfred schulze blaeser quintettManfred Schulze Bläser Quintett1996
manu katchéManu Katché2012
m.a.numminen & das neorustikale jazzorchesterM.A.Numminen & Das Neorustikale Jazzorchester2001
marcus roberts piano soloMarcus Roberts piano solo1993
maria faustMaria Faust2018
maria joao & fábulaMaria João & Fábula1996
marian mcpartland trioMarian McPartland Trio1981
maria schneider jazz orchestraMaria Schneider Jazz Orchestra1996
maria schneider orchestraMaria Schneider Orchestra2005
marilyn crispell – paul lyttonMarilyn Crispell – Paul Lytton2012
marilyn mazurs future songMarilyn Mazur’s Future Song2001
marimba! marimba!‘Marimba! Marimba!’1992
marion williamsMarion Williams1974
marius neset golden xplosionMarius Neset Golden Xplosion2012
markus stockhausen possible worlds orchestraMarkus Stockhausen Possible Worlds Orchestra1995
martial solal bigbandMartial Solal Bigband1981
martial solal – didier lockwoodMartial Solal – Didier Lockwood1996
martial solal – niels-henning Ørsted pedersenMartial Solal – Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen1976
mary halvorson & ingrid laubrockMary Halvorson & Ingrid Laubrock2016
mary halvorson octetMary Halvorson Octet2018
masahiko sato trio + attila zollerMasahiko Sato Trio + Attila Zoller1971
masecki / rogiewicz: ragtimeMasecki / Rogiewicz: Ragtime2018
master srinivas groupMaster Srinivas Group1983
matana roberts for pinaMatana Roberts „For Pina“2016
mathias eick quartetMathias Eick Quartet2009
matthias nadolny-gunnar pluemerMatthias Nadolny – Gunnar Plümer1996
matthias schubert sechstettMatthias Schubert Sechstett1997
matt wilsons arts and craftsMatt Wilson’s Arts and Crafts2007
mauricio kagel,blue's blue, eine musik-ethnologische rekonstruktionMauricio Kagel: “Blue’s Blue” Eine musik-ethnologische Rekonstruktion1980
max greger big bandMax Greger Big Band1964
max greger und sein orchester + guest albert mangelsdorffMax Greger und sein Orchester + guest Albert Mangelsdorff1964
max nagl ensembleMax Nagl Ensemble2006
max roachMax Roach1968
max roach beijing trioMax Roach Beijing Trio2001
max roach double quartetMax Roach Double Quartet1983
max roach quartetMax Roach Quartet1990
max roach quintet + sonny rollinsMax Roach Quintet + Sonny Rollins1966
max roach’s lift every voice, feat. the max roach quintet + j.c. white singersMax Roach’s Lift Every Voice, feat. The Max Roach Quintet + J.C. White Singers1974
maynard ferguson und die vojislav simic big band, belgradMaynard Ferguson und die Vojislav Simic Big Band, Belgrad1968
mccoy tyner big bandMcCoy Tyner Big Band1990
mccoy tyner quintetMcCoy Tyner Quintet1974
mccoy tyner quintetMcCoy Tyner Quintet1981
mccoy tyner sextetMcCoy Tyner Sextet1976
mccoy tyner trioMcCoy Tyner Trio1997
melissa walker quartetMelissa Walker Quartet1999
melting pot: made in berlinmelting pot: made in berlin2018
mel tormé george shearingMel Tormé George Shearing1989
mette henrietteMette Henriette2016
michael blake's blake tartarMichael Blake’s Blake Tartar2004
michael gregory jacksonMichael Gregory Jackson1981
michael mantler concertos - knm berlinMichael Mantler ‘Concertos’ – KNM Berlin2007
michael moore quintetMichael Moore Quintet2007
michael moores monitorMichael Moore’s Monitor2002
michael riessler big circleMichael Riessler ‘Big Circle’2013
michael riessler danses des bouffonsMichael Riessler ‘Danses des Bouffons’1991
michael schiefel & wood&steel trio: eisler’s hollywood songbookMichael Schiefel & Wood&Steel Trio: Eisler’s Hollywood Songbook2016
michael wolff-alex foster quartetMichael Wolff-Alex Foster Quartet1999
michael wollnyMichael Wollny2017
michael wollny’s [em]Michael Wollny’s [em]2011
michael wollny – tamar halperin & hr-bigband ‘wunderkammer xxl’Michael Wollny – Tamar Halperin & hr-Bigband ‘Wunderkammer XXL’2013
michal urbaniakMichal Urbaniak1971
michał wróblewski trio feat. terence blanchardMichał Wróblewski Trio feat. Terence Blanchard2013
michel camilo sextetMichel Camilo Sextet1986
michel legrand trioMichel Legrand Trio1992
michel portal quartetMichel Portal Quartet2012
michel portal richard gallianoMichel Portal – Richard Galliano2004
michel portal unitMichel Portal Unit1995
michel portal unitMichel Portal Unit1976
michiel borstlap body acousticMichiel Borstlap Body Acoustic1999
microscopic septetMicroscopic Septet1991
miguel algarin and trio, introducing carlton spiller + carl hancock ruxMiguel Algarin and Trio, introducing Carlton Spiller + Carl Hancock Rux1994
miguel zenón quartetMiguel Zenón Quartet2015
miharu koshi musique hallMiharu Koshi ‘Musique Hall’2003
mike brecker quartet, special guest franco ambrosettiMike Brecker Quartet, special guest Franco Ambrosetti1978
mike gibbs orchestraMike Gibbs Orchestra1975
mike metheny – john leisenring quintetMike Metheny – John Leisenring Quintet1978
mike westbrook brass band plus friendsMike Westbrook Brass Band plus friends1980
miles davisMiles Davis1985
miles davisMiles Davis1983
miles davis groupMiles Davis Group1971
miles davis groupMiles Davis Group1973
miles davis quintetMiles Davis Quintet1967
milford graves – peter broetzmannMilford Graves – Peter Brötzmann2002
milt jackson trioMilt Jackson Trio1992
milton cardona and the eya aranla ensemble bembéMilton Cardona and the Eya Aranla Ensemble ‘Bembé’1986
mingus amungusMingus Amungus2000
mino cineluMino Cinelu2003
mintons playhouse all starsMinton’s Playhouse All Stars1971
miriam makeba and her african musiciansMiriam Makeba and her African Musicians1978
miroslav vitous quartet plus rimona francisMiroslav Vitous Quartet plus Rimona Francis1976
modern jazz quartetModern Jazz Quartet1965
modern jazz quartetModern Jazz Quartet1983
mônica vasconcelosMônica Vasconcelos2017
monika roscher bigbandMonika Roscher Bigband2013
monty alexander jamaican band + special guestsMonty Alexander Jamaican Band + special guests1986
moor mother & roscoe mitchellMoor Mother & Roscoe Mitchell2018
moreno veloso + 2Moreno Veloso + 22002
moscow art trioMoscow Art Trio1996
mose allisonMose Allison1992
mostly other people do the killing red hotMostly Other People Do the Killing ‘Red Hot’2014
mst - murcof, talvin singh, erik truffazMST – Murcof, Talvin Singh, Erik Truffaz2009
muddy waters blues band, feat. otis spannMuddy Waters Blues Band, feat. Otis Spann1968
muhal richard abrams orchestraMuhal Richard Abrams Orchestra1991
muhal richard abrams sextet (a.a.c.m. chicago)Muhal Richard Abrams Sextet (A.A.C.M. Chicago)1973
munich saxophone familyMunich Saxophone Family1992
myra melford’s snowy egretMyra Melford’s Snowy Egret2016
naftules dreamNaftule’s Dream1999
naura-schlueter-ruehmkorfNaura – Schlüter – Rühmkorf1995
ndr bigband „aus der kuerze des lebens“, ernst jandlNDR Bigband „Aus der Kürze des Lebens“, Ernst Jandl1995
ndr bigband feat. jacky terrassonNDR Bigband feat. Jacky Terrasson2009
ndr bigband: geir lysne’s abstracts from norwayNDR Bigband: Geir Lysne’s Abstracts from Norway2017
ndr big band + george gruntz & albert mangelsdorffNDR Big Band + George Gruntz & Albert Mangelsdorff2004
ndr bigband joe sample ‘children of the sun’NDR Bigband & Joe Sample ‘Children of the Sun’2011
ndr big band the theatre of kurt weillNDR Big Band ‘The Theatre of Kurt Weill’2000
nels cline loversNels Cline Lovers2017
new associationNew Association1988
new birth brass bandNew Birth Brass Band2006
new jazz trio + gerd dudekNew Jazz Trio + Gerd Dudek1971
new klezmer trioNew Klezmer Trio1992
new violin summitNew Violin Summit1971
new york jazz explosionNew York Jazz Explosion1985
new york voicesNew York Voices1989
new yor-uba, a musical celebration of cuba in americaNew Yor-uba, A Musical Celebration of Cuba in America1984
nguyên lê tales of vietnamNguyên Lê ‘Tales Of Vietnam’1996
nicole mitchell’s black earth ensembleNicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble2018
nik baertschs roninNik Bärtsch’s Ronin2006
nik baertsch’s ronin / hr-bigbandNik Bärtsch’s Ronin / hr-Bigband2016
nils petter molværNils Petter Molvær2001
nils wogram & root 70Nils Wogram & Root 702000
nils wogram septettNils Wogram Septett2012
norbert stein pata mastersNorbert Stein Pata Masters1992
norman connors septetNorman Connors Septet1975
norrbotten big band future milesNorrbotten Big Band ‘Future Miles’2001
nostalgia trioNostalgia Trio2012
nrbq and the whole wheat horns + john sebastianNRBQ and The Whole Wheat Horns + John Sebastian1984
nubox, feat. dj illvibenuBox, feat. DJ Illvibe2005
nu ensembleNu Ensemble2002
ola tomaszewska nonetOla Tomaszewska Nonet2011
oleś brothers & christopher dellOleś Brothers & Christopher Dell2011
oliver nelson conducts the berlin dream bandOliver Nelson Conducts The Berlin Dream Band1970
orange then blueOrange Then Blue1995
orchester kurt edelhagenOrchester Kurt Edelhagen1966
orchestre national de jazz / daniel yvinecOrchestre National de Jazz / Daniel Yvinec2010
original tuxedo jass bandOriginal Tuxedo Jass Band1964
ornette coleman & prime timeOrnette Coleman & Prime Time1995
ornette coleman quartetOrnette Coleman Quartet1971
ornette coleman the original quartetOrnette Coleman ‘The Original Quartet’1987
ornette coleman trioOrnette Coleman Trio1965
ornette et ceteraOrnette et cetera2013
orphy robinson & annavasOrphy Robinson & Annavas1992
oscar brown jr.Oscar Brown Jr.1998
oskar gottlieb blarr: psalmusOskar Gottlieb Blarr: “Psalmus”, “Kyrie” + “Acclamation”1969
overtone quartetOvertone Quartet2009
paal nilssen-love / large unitPaal Nilssen-Love / Large Unit2015
pablo held trioPablo Held Trio2010
palle mikkelborg groupPalle Mikkelborg Group2001
paolo angeli antonello salis duoPaolo Angeli – Antonello Salis Duo2005
paolo fresu devil quartetPaolo Fresu Devil Quartet2009
papa kos jazzin babiesPapa Ko’s Jazzin’ Babies1968
paradox trioParadox Trio2003
pat metheny groupPat Metheny Group1978
pat metheny trioPat Metheny Trio1990
patricia barber trioPatricia Barber Trio2000
paul brody – michael rodach – alan bernPaul Brody – Michael Rodach – Alan Bern2003
paul motian bandPaul Motian Band1984
paulo moura ensemblePaulo Moura Ensemble1982
pee wee russell – bud freeman chicagoansPee Wee Russell – Bud Freeman Chicagoans1964
pee wee russell – bud freeman chicagoansPee Wee Russell – Bud Freeman Chicagoans1964
pee wee russell und die thad jones comboPee Wee Russell und die Thad Jones Combo1964
peter apfelbaum & the hieroglyphics ensemblePeter Apfelbaum & The Hieroglyphics Ensemble1992
peter boltePeter Bolte2010
peter broetzmann chicago tentetPeter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet1999
peter broetzmann clarinet projectPeter Brötzmann Clarinet Project1984
peter broetzmann quartetPeter Brötzmann Quartet1995
peter broetzmann quartettPeter Brötzmann Quartett1973
peter broetzmann trioPeter Brötzmann Trio1971
peter giger family of percussion and friends + grupo timbila eduardo duraoPeter Giger Family of Percussion and Friends + Grupo Timbila Eduardo Durao1992
peter giger solo drumsPeter Giger solo drums1977
peter herbolzheimer rhythm combination & brass + dizzy gillespiePeter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass + Dizzy Gillespie1985
peter herbolzheimer rhythm combination & brass, special guest chaka khanPeter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass, special guest Chaka Khan1990
peter herbolzheimer rhythm combination & brassPeter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass, special Guest Dianne Reeves1995
peter herbolzheimer rhythm combination & brass, special guest jon faddisPeter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass, special guest: Jon Faddis1973
peter kowaldPeter Kowald1989
peter soederberg + sven aberg play steve reichPeter Söderberg + Sven Åberg play Steve Reich2002
peter vermeersch & flat earth society die austernprinzessinPeter Vermeersch & Flat Earth Society ‘Die Austernprinzessin’2006
peter wenigers legal paradizerPeter Weniger’s Legal Paradizer1999
petras vysniaskas quartet + st. christopher chamber orchestra of vilniusPetras Vysniaskas Quartet + St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra of Vilnius1999
phil woods and his european rhythm machinePhil Woods and his European Rhythm Machine1972
phil-woods-quartetPhil Woods Quartet1970
phil woods quartetPhil Woods Quartet1980
pierre favre ensemblePierre Favre Ensemble2012
pony poindexter-booker ervin-quintet + dexter gordon, brew moorePony Poindexter-Booker Ervin-Quintet + Dexter Gordon, Brew Moore1965
pony poindexter und willi johannsPony Poindexter und Willi Johanns1967
pucho & the latin soul brothersPucho & The Latin Soul Brothers1993
quartette indigoQuartette Indigo1988
rabih abou-khalil projectRabih Abou-Khalil Project1994
rabih lahouds masaaRabih Lahouds Masaa2012
radio.string.quartet mahavishnu for stringsRadio.String.Quartet ‘Mahavishnu for Strings’2006
rahsaan roland kirk & the vibration societyRahsaan Roland Kirk & The Vibration Society1973
ralph towner solo-guitarRalph Towner solo-guitar1973
ran blake piano soloRan Blake piano solo1980
randy weston african rhythms quintetRandy Weston African Rhythms Quintet1994
rava-humair-vitous-d'andrea quatreRava – Humair – Vitous – D’Andrea Quatre1990
ray andersons pocket brass bandRay Anderson’s Pocket Brass band1997
ray andersons wishboneRay Anderson’s ‘Wishbone’1991
red norvoRed Norvo1968
red norvo meets gary burtonRed Norvo meets Gary Burton1968
red rodney – ira sullivan quintetRed Rodney – Ira Sullivan Quintet1981
reg. e. gaines trioReg. E. Gaines Trio1994
regina carter quintetRegina Carter Quintet2000
renaud garcia-fonsRenaud Garcia-Fons1996
rené urtregerRené Urtreger2017
reut regev r*timeReut Regev R*time feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly2009
rev. audrey bronson and becky carltonRev. Audrey Bronson and Becky Carlton1983
rev. jeff mosier's ear reverents‘Rev.’ Jeff Mosier’s Ear Reverents2005
rhythm & blues: roots of rockRhythm & Blues: Roots of Rock1975
rias big bandRIAS Big Band1997
riccardo del fra my chet, my songRiccardo Del Fra ‘My Chet, My Song’2013
richard galliano la strada quintet ‘tribute to nino rota’Richard Galliano La Strada Quintet ‘Tribute to Nino Rota’2011
richard galliano new york trio, special guest toots thielemansRichard Galliano New York Trio, special guest Toots Thielemans2004
richard galliano quartetRichard Galliano Quartet2008
richard teitelbaum digital piano musicRichard Teitelbaum ‘Digital Piano Music’1983
richie coles alto madnessRichie Cole’s ‘Alto Madness’1982
riessler-clastrier-rizzoRiessler – Clastrier – Rizzo1996
rigmor gustafsson quintetRigmor Gustafsson Quintet2001
rita reys und das pim jacobs trioRita Reys und das Pim Jacobs Trio1964
Rita Reys und das Pim Jacobs Trio1964
roberta flack + bandRoberta Flack + Band1976
robert and bobby mcferrinRobert and Bobby McFerrin1983
robert patterson singersRobert Patterson Singers1970
robert shawRobert Shaw1974
roger hanschels heavy rotationRoger Hanschels Heavy Rotation2010
roland kirk quartetRoland Kirk Quartet1964
roland kirk und sonny stittRoland Kirk und Sonny Stitt1964
rolf und joachim kuehn quartettRolf und Joachim Kühn Quartett1966
roman bunka color me cairo feat. malachi favorsRoman Bunka ‘Color Me Cairo’ feat. Malachi Favors1994
roman schwaller jazzquartettRoman Schwaller Jazzquartett1987
ronald shannon jackson and the decoding societyRonald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society1984
ronnie cuber quartetRonnie Cuber Quartet2008
root 70Root 702012
roswell rudd - trombone tribeRoswell Rudd - Trombone Tribe2008
roy hargrove groupRoy Hargrove Group2001
roy hargrove quintetRoy Hargrove Quintet1990
roy haynes ‘birds of a feather – a tribute to charlie parker’Roy Haynes ‘Birds of a Feather – a Tribute to Charlie Parker’2002
roy haynes quintetRoy Haynes Quintet1975
roy nathansons sotto voceRoy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce2006
ruby braff – george barnes quartetRuby Braff – George Barnes Quartet1974
ruby-puntinRuby – Puntin1992
ruf der heimatRuf der Heimat2013
rufus harley ‘jazz auf dem dudelsack’Rufus Harley ‘Jazz auf dem Dudelsack’1966
ruth weiss poetry & allthatjazzRuth Weiss: Poetry & AllThatJazz2000
sacred steel the campbell brothers feat. katie jackson‘Sacred Steel’ The Campbell Brothers feat. Katie Jackson1998
sakata orchestra with japanese traditional percussionistsSakata Orchestra with Japanese Traditional Percussionists1981
sammy price piano soloSammy Price piano solo1987
sam rivers quintetSam Rivers Quintet1977
samúel jón samúelsson big bandSamúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band2009
sandy evans trioSandy Evans Trio2002
sangam, feat. karnataka college of percussion & charlie mariano & louis banksSangam, feat. Karnataka College of Percussion & Charlie Mariano & Louis Banks1983
sarah buechi flying lettersSarah Buechi ‘Flying Letters’2014
sarah vaughan and her trioSarah Vaughan and her Trio1969
sarah vaughan and her trioSarah Vaughan and her Trio1967
satoko fujii –tatsuya yoshida duoSatoko Fujii – Tatsuya Yoshida Duo2003
schildpatt + special guest ali koushkaniSchildpatt + special guest Ali Koushkani1987
schlippenbach trioSchlippenbach Trio1996
sclavis-texier-romanoSclavis – Texier –Romano1996
severi pyysalo – peter wenigerSeveri Pyysalo – Peter Weniger2001
shabaka and the ancestorsShabaka and the Ancestors2017
shankar/hussain duoShankar/Hussain Duo1981
sharifa & wordsongSharifa & Wordsong1994
sheila jordan – steve kuhnSheila Jordan – Steve Kuhn2009
shelly manne quartet + lee konitzShelly Manne Quartet + Lee Konitz1977
shivkumar sharma – zakir hussainShivkumar Sharma – Zakir Hussain1983
sibylle pomorin-terry jenoure song projectSibylle Pomorin – Terry Jenoure Song Project1991
silke eberhard – alex huberSilke Eberhard – Alex Huber2012
silke eberhard potsa lotsa plus plays love suite by eric dolphySilke Eberhard Potsa Lotsa plus plays ‘Love Suite’ by Eric Dolphy2014
silke eberhard, sarah tandy, daniel casimir, kay luebkeSilke Eberhard, Sarah Tandy, Daniel Casimir, Kay Lübke2017
simon nabatov – nils wogramSimon Nabatov – Nils Wogram2012
simon toldam & pruegelknabeSimon Toldam & Prügelknabe2007
simply acoustic trioSimply Acoustic Trio2006
singing drums meet greetje bijmaSinging Drums meet Greetje Bijma1997
sir charles thompson trio + guestsSir Charles Thompson Trio + guests1964
sister rosetta tharpeSister Rosetta Tharpe1970
sister rosetta tharpeSister Rosetta Tharpe1964
sister rosetta tharpe ‘spirituals und gospels’Sister Rosetta Tharpe ‘Spirituals und Gospels’1964
soap feat. magnum coltrane priceSoap feat. Magnum Coltrane Price2008
soft machineSoft Machine1971
sogenanntes linksradikales blasorchesterSogenanntes Linksradikales Blasorchester1980
something to shout about‘Something To Shout About’. A Gospel Concert. Featuring the Sanctified Sax of Vernard Johnson1986
sommer – wauer duoSommer – Wauer Duo1983
sonny rollins quintetSonny Rollins Quintet1974
sons of kemetSons of Kemet2013
sonya robinson quartetSonya Robinson Quartet1988
soweto kinchSoweto Kinch2014
spaceways inc.Spaceways Inc.2002
spanish flySpanish Fly1997
splitter orchesterSplitter Orchester2015
spontaneous music ensembleSpontaneous Music Ensemble1971
spree city stompers + ben webster, stuff smithSpree City Stompers + Ben Webster, Stuff Smith1965
spree city stompers, feat. wild bill davisonSpree City Stompers, feat. Wild Bill Davison1967
stan getz quartetStan Getz Quartet1974
stan getz quartet + astrud gilbertoStan Getz Quartet + Astrud Gilberto1966
stan kenton conducts the berlin dream bandStan Kenton Conducts The Berlin Dream Band1969
stanley clarke – miroslav vitousStanley Clarke – Miroslav Vitous1984
stanley turrentine quintetStanley Turrentine Quintet1977
stanton moore trioStanton Moore Trio2011
stefan bauer best of two worldsStefan Bauer ‘Best Of Two Worlds’1996
stefano bollani-stian carstensen duoStefano Bollani – Stian Carstensen Duo2005
stéphane grappelli trioStéphane Grappelli Trio1996
stéphane grappelli trioStéphane Grappelli Trio1984
stephan-max wirth: 'dada republic!'Stephan-Max Wirth: ‘DADA Republic!’2006
steve dobrogosz piano soloSteve Dobrogosz piano solo2001
steve kuhn piano soloSteve Kuhn piano solo1988
steve kuhn quartet feat. sheila jordan, bob moses, harvie swartzSteve Kuhn Quartet feat. Sheila Jordan, Bob Moses, Harvie Swartz1981
steve kuhn trioSteve Kuhn Trio1969
steve lacy sextetSteve Lacy Sextet1986
steve lacys vespersSteve Lacy’s Vespers1993
steve lehman octetSteve Lehman Octet2016
steve lehman & sélébéyoneSteve Lehman & Sélébéyone2017
steve piccolo & gak sato hidden tracksSteve Piccolo & Gak Sato ‘Hidden tracks’2005
steve turre celebrates the music of rahsaan roland kirkSteve Turre Celebrates The Music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk2000
stone alliance, special guest jan hammerStone Alliance, special guest Jan Hammer1980
storyville jazzband berlin mit knut kiesewetterStoryville Jazzband Berlin mit Knut Kiesewetter1966
stoetters neverthelessStötter’s Nevertheless1996
string trio of new york – amsterdam string trioString Trio of New York – Amsterdam String Trio1988
studio dan feat. nika zachStudio Dan feat. Nika Zach2010
studnitzky jazz 'n' moreStudnitzky Jazz 'n' More2009
sugar cane harris groupSugar Cane Harris Group1971
summit reunionSummit Reunion1993
sunny murraySunny Murray1968
sun ra allstarsSun Ra Allstars1983
sun ra and his intergalactic research arkestraSun Ra And His Intergalactic Research Arkestra1970
susanna & the magical orchestraSusanna & the Magical Orchestra2009
susi hyldgaardSusi Hyldgaard2001
sweet honey in the rockSweet Honey In The Rock1986
sylvie courvoisier ocreSylvie Courvoisier ‘Ocre’1998
taj mahal the real thing revisitedTaj Mahal ‘The Real Thing’ Revisited1996
take 6Take 61989
tango & company‘Tango & Company’1998
tania giannouli trioTania Giannouli Trio2018
tenor saxesTenor Saxes1982
terence blanchard quintetTerence Blanchard Quintet1990
terence blanchard quintet + deutsches filmorchester babelsbergTerence Blanchard Quintet + Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg2009
teri thornton quartetTeri Thornton Quartet1995
terje rypdal trioTerje Rypdal Trio1972
terri lyne carrington quintetTerri Lyne Carrington Quintet1987
terry gibbs – buddy defrancoTerry Gibbs – Buddy DeFranco1982
terumasa hino groupTerumasa Hino Group1981
terumasa hino quintetTerumasa Hino Quintet1971
tete montoliu-peter king quintet, feat. gerard presencerTete Montoliu – Peter King Quintet, feat. Gerard Presencer1990
thad jones bigband eclipseThad Jones’ Bigband ‘Eclipse’, special guest Dee Dee Bridgewater1980
thad jones – mel lewis bigbandThad Jones – Mel Lewis Bigband1978
the 3 great guitaristsThe 3 Great Guitarists1981
the aki takase project aprilThe Aki Takase Project ‘APRIL’2000
the andy statman klezmer orchestraThe Andy Statman Klezmer Orchestra1984
the artie shaw orchestra, feat. dick johnsonThe Artie Shaw Orchestra, feat. Dick Johnson1984
the art of the solo: eubie blakeThe Art of the Solo: Eubie Blake1972
the art of the solo: gary burton – chick coreaThe Art of the Solo: Gary Burton – Chick Corea1972
the art of the solo: gunter hampelThe Art of the Solo: Gunter Hampel1972
the art of the solo: ornette colemanThe Art of the Solo: Ornette Coleman1972
the art of the solo: pierre favreThe Art of the Solo: Pierre Favre1972
the art van damme quintetThe Art Van Damme Quintet1988
the bebop summit‘The Bebop Summit’1965
the brazz brothersThe Brazz Brothers2001
the buddy rich orchestraThe Buddy Rich Orchestra1970
the carla bley bandThe Carla Bley Band1979
the carla bley big bandThe Carla Bley Big Band1995
the carnegie hall jazz bandThe Carnegie Hall Jazz Band1993
the chicago blues all starsThe Chicago Blues All Stars1970
the clarke-boland big bandThe Clarke-Boland Big Band1970
the count basie orchestraThe Count Basie Orchestra1994
the danish radio jazz orchestraThe Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra1999
dave brubeck quartetThe Dave Brubeck Quartet1964
the dave brubeck trio + gerry mulliganThe Dave Brubeck Trio + Gerry Mulligan1970
the david liebman group and friends play john coltraneThe David Liebman Group and Friends Play John Coltrane’s Meditation Suite1995
the derek trucks bandThe Derek Trucks Band2005
the dianne reeves band, special guest george dukeThe Dianne Reeves Band, special guest George Duke1989
the dirty dozen brass bandThe Dirty Dozen Brass Band1984
the dizzy gillespie reunion big bandThe Dizzy Gillespie ‘Reunion’ Big Band1968
the dizzy gillespie united nation all-star orchestraThe Dizzy Gillespie United Nation All-Star Orchestra1990
the duke ellington orchestraThe Duke Ellington Orchestra1971
the dune allstars: denys baptisteThe Dune Allstars: Denys Baptiste2000
the dune allstars: gary crosby’s nu troopThe Dune Allstars: Gary Crosby’s Nu Troop2000
the eleventh house, feat. larry coryell + philip cathérineThe Eleventh House, feat. Larry Coryell + Philip Cathérine1976
the ellington orchestra with mercer ellingtonThe Ellington Orchestra with Mercer Ellington1987
the elvin jones trioThe Elvin Jones Trio1968
the fabulous thunderbirdsThe Fabulous Thunderbirds1984
the free spirits – john mclaughlin, joey defrancesco, dennis chambersThe Free Spirits – John McLaughlin, Joey DeFrancesco, Dennis Chambers1993
the french connectionThe French Connection1980
the gary burton quintetThe Gary Burton Quintet1990
the george russell groupThe George Russell Group1964
the gnawas from moroccoThe Gnawas from Morocco1994
the golden eaglesThe Golden Eagles1980
the harlem tap dance festival + the uptown all starsThe Harlem Tap Dance Festival + The Uptown All Stars1966
the headhuntersThe Headhunters2008
the herbie hancock quartetThe Herbie Hancock Quartet1986
the herbie mann groupThe Herbie Mann Group1968
the jay leonhart quartetThe Jay Leonhart Quartet1992
the john scofield ueberjam bandThe John Scofield Überjam Band2013
„the k.c. connection“„The K.C. Connection“1994
the keith tippett octetThe Keith Tippett Octet2015
the lionel hampton all star big bandThe Lionel Hampton All Star Big Band1979
the london jazz composers orchestraThe London Jazz Composers Orchestra1972
thelonious monk orchestraThelonious Monk Orchestra1967
thelonious monk piano soloThelonious Monk Piano solo1969
the lounge lizardsThe Lounge Lizards1981
the magnificent force + daryl c. and e.k. mike the emcee of the crash crewThe Magnificent Force + Daryl C. and E.K. Mike the EmCee of the Crash Crew1983
the maynard ferguson bandThe Maynard Ferguson Band1987
the melody fourThe Melody Four1987
the michael brecker bandThe Michael Brecker Band1987
the miles davis quintetThe Miles Davis Quintet1964
the montreal jubilation choirThe Montreal Jubilation Choir1992
the mps free rock group, feat. barney wilenThe MPS Free Rock Group, feat. Barney Wilen1968
the necksThe Necks2015
the neville brothersThe Neville Brothers1985
the new charles mingus groupThe New Charles Mingus Group1972
the new charles mingus groupThe New Charles Mingus Group1970
the new dave pike set, feat. michael sagmeister and the christoph spendel trioThe New Dave Pike Set, feat. Michael Sagmeister and the Christoph Spendel Trio2005
the new generation of chicago blues hosted by willie dixonThe New Generation Of Chicago Blues, hosted by Willie Dixon1977
the new hendricks-ross-fame vocal groupThe New Hendricks-Ross-Fame-Vocal-Group1968
new miles davis quintetThe New Miles Davis Quintet1969
the new orleans klezmer allstarsThe New Orleans Klezmer Allstars1999
the newport all starsThe Newport All Stars1969
the new york repertory company plays the music of louis armstrongThe New York Repertory Company plays The Music of Louis Armstrong1975
the nighthawks + john hammondThe Nighthawks + John Hammond1984
théo ceccaldi „freaks“Théo Ceccaldi „Freaks“2018
theo joergensmann, georg graewe, paul lytton + john carterTheo Jörgensmann, Georg Gräwe, Paul Lytton + John Carter1984
theo joergensmann quartettTheo Jörgensmann Quartett1979
the ordinairesThe Ordinaires1988
the original charles mingus workshop ensemble feat. eddie gomezThe Original Charles Mingus Workshop Ensemble feat. Eddie Gomez1979
the persuasionsThe Persuasions1996
theremin summitTheremin Summit1997
the savoy-doucet cajun bandThe Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band1988
the second generation and special guest: roy haynesThe Second Generation and special guest: Roy Haynes1973
the stars of faithThe Stars Of Faith1970
the 'stars of faith' of black nativity usaThe ‘Stars of Faith’ of Black Nativity, USA1968
the swallow quintet feat. carla bleyThe Swallow Quintet feat. Carla Bley2011
the thingThe Thing2014
the thing + joe mcpheeThe Thing + Joe McPhee2002
the tomasz stańko sextet plays komedaThe Tomasz Stańko Sextet plays Komeda1997
the uptown swing all starsThe Uptown Swing All Stars1966
theurer – schlippenbach duoTheurer – Schlippenbach Duo1983
the very big carla bley bandThe Very Big Carla Bley Band1990
the world according to jamesThe World According to James2002
the worlds greatest jazzbandThe World’s Greatest Jazzband1974
the young tuxedo brass bandThe Young Tuxedo Brass Band1980
thomas agergaard quartett die schneekoeniginThomas Ågergaard Quartett ‘Die Schneekönigin’2001
thomas borgmann & allianceThomas Borgmann & Alliance1999
tigran hamasyan trioTigran Hamasyan Trio2015
till broenner quintet, special guest johnny griffinTill Brönner Quintet, special guest Johnny Griffin1995
tim berne quintetTim Berne Quintet1987
tim garlands lighthouse trioTim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio2009
tingvall trioTingvall Trio2009
tin hat trioTin Hat Trio2003
tin men and the telephoneTin Men and the Telephone2018
tippett – nicols – tippettTippett – Nicols – Tippett1989
tobias delius quartetTobias Delius Quartet2002
tómas r. einarsson quintetTómas R. Einarsson Quintet2001
tomasz stańko litaniaTomasz Stańko ‘Litania’2011
tomasz stanko quartetTomasz Stańko Quartet2003
tomasz stańko quintetTomasz Stańko Quintet1970
tome xxTome XX1992
toni kitanovski & cherkeziToni Kitanovski & Cherkezi2006
tony coe – stan traceyTony Coe – Stan Tracey1987
tony dagradi and astral projectTony Dagradi and Astral Project1989
tony oxley celebration orchestraTony Oxley Celebration Orchestra1994
tony oxleys celebration orchestraTony Oxley’s Celebration Orchestra1985
tony oxley sextetTony Oxley Sextet1972
tony scott and the indonesian all starsTony Scott and the Indonesian All Stars1967
tony scott, pony poindexter, fritz pauer trioTony Scott, Pony Poindexter, Fritz Pauer Trio1968
tony williams lifetimeTony Williams Lifetime1971
toots thielemans quartetToots Thielemans Quartet1979
toshiko akiyoshi jazz orchestra feat. lew tabackinToshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra feat. Lew Tabackin1993
toshiko akiyoshi – lew tabackin big bandToshiko Akiyoshi – Lew Tabackin Big Band1979
trevor watts moire music groupTrevor Watts Moire Music Group2000
trio feralTrio Feral2014
trio ivoireTrio Ivoire2013
trio joachim kuehn, daniel humair, jean-françois jenny-clark + larry schneiderTrio Joachim Kühn, Daniel Humair, Jean-François Jenny-Clark + Larry Schneider1987
trio joachim kuehn, j.f. jenny-clark, daniel humair + rolf kuehnTrio Joachim Kühn – Jean-François Jenny-Clark – Daniel Humair + Rolf Kühn1995
trio richard galliano - daniel humair anthony coxTrio Richard Galliano – Daniel Humair – Anthony Cox1994
trio riessler-levy-matinierTrio Riessler – Levy– Matinier2007
trondheim voices & kit downesTrondheim Voices & Kit Downes2017
trygve seim ensembleTrygve Seim Ensemble2006
turner greets ellington‘Turner greets Ellington‘1969
two for the blues hommage an jon hendricks‘Two for the Blues’" Hommage an Jon Hendricks2010
tyshawn soreyTyshawn Sorey2017
tyshawn sorey & gebhard ullmannTyshawn Sorey & Gebhard Ullmann2017
tyshawn sorey trioTyshawn Sorey Trio2017
uli lenz-johannes barthelmesUli Lenz – Johannes Barthelmes1992
uli lenz piano soloUli Lenz piano solo1986
ulrich drechsler cello quartetUlrich Drechsler Cello Quartet2010
ulrich gumpert quartetUlrich Gumpert Quartet2005
ulrich gumpert workshop bandUlrich Gumpert Workshop Band1979
ulrich gumpert workshop bandUlrich Gumpert Workshop Band1999
ulrike haage piano soloUlrike Haage piano solo2003
umo jazz orchestra plays electrifying milesUMO Jazz Orchestra plays ‘Electrifying Miles’1999
umo + special guestsUMO + special guests1987
universal silence don cherry – dollar brand quartet‘Universal Silence’ Don Cherry – Dollar Brand Quartet1972
victoria williamsVictoria Williams1986
victor lewis quintetVictor Lewis Quintet1999
vielharmonieVielharmonie & RBT String Orchestra1993
vienna art orchestra 95Vienna Art Orchestra 951995
vijay iyer trioVijay Iyer Trio2009
vince mendoza blauklangVince Mendoza ‘Blauklang’2008
vincent peiraniVincent Peirani2015
virpi pahkinen – peter kowaldVirpi Pahkinen – Peter Kowald2001
vladimir tarasovVladimir Tarasov ‘Atto V’1989
vladyslav sendecki piano soloVladyslav Sendecki piano solo2008
volker kriegel & friendsVolker Kriegel & Friends1981
von and chico freeman quintetVon and Chico Freeman Quintet1979
von freeman new apartment lounge 4tetVon Freeman New Apartment Lounge 4tet2002
wadada leo smith & alexander hawkinsWadada Leo Smith & Alexander Hawkins2016
wadada leo smith’s great lakes quartetWadada Leo Smith’s Great Lakes Quartet2016
warne marsh quartetWarne Marsh Quartet1980
wayne horvitz gravitas quartetWayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet2007
wayne shorter groupWayne Shorter Group1985
wayne shorter – herbie hancockWayne Shorter – Herbie Hancock1997
wayne shorter quartetWayne Shorter Quartet2012
wdr big band a tribute to ray charlesWDR Big Band ‘A Tribute to Ray Charles’2008
wdr big band + benny carterWDR Big Band + Benny Carter1989
wdr big band & dave liebman sketchesWDR Big Band & Dave Liebman ‘Sketches’1993
wdr big band feat. jazzmeia hornWDR Big Band feat. Jazzmeia Horn2018
wdr big band koeln around satchmoWDR Big Band Köln ‘Around Satchmo’2000
wdr big band koeln dedaloWDR Big Band Köln ‘Dedalo’2002
wdr big band koeln joe zawinul projectWDR Big Band Köln ‘Joe Zawinul Project’2005
wdr big band & kurt ellingWDR Big Band & Kurt Elling ‘Freedom Songs’2014
wdr big band + solistenWDR Big Band + Solisten1986
weather reportWeather Report1975
wertmueller projectWertmüller Project2008
'whisper not!' 40 years of benny golsons music‘Whisper Not!’ 40 Years of Benny Golson’s Music1996
wiener art orchesterWiener Art Orchester1981
wildbirds & peacedrumsWildbirds & Peacedrums2008
willem breuker kollektiefWillem Breuker Kollektief1986
willem breuker kollektiefWillem Breuker Kollektief1976
willem breuker kollektiefWillem Breuker Kollektief1996
willem breuker kollektief and stringsWillem Breuker Kollektief and Strings2004
willie mabon – robert lockwood jr. duoWillie Mabon – Robert Lockwood Jr. Duo1974
willie the lion smith harlem pianoWillie ‘The Lion’ Smith ‘Harlem Piano’1966
wladimir estragonWladimir Estragon1988
wolfgang dauner – hans koller free soundWolfgang Dauner – Hans Koller Free Sound1974
wolfgang dauner: psalmus speiWolfgang Dauner: “Psalmus Spei”1968
wolfgang dauner: urschrei – rundfunk orchester hannover des ndrWolfgang Dauner: “Urschrei” – Rundfunk Orchester Hannover des NDR1976
wolfgang dauner: was ist’s,was geschehen ist?Wolfgang Dauner: “Was Ist’s,Was Geschehen Ist?”1969
wolfgang puschnig alpine aspects - amstettner musikantenWolfgang Puschnig ‘Alpine Aspects’ – Amstettner Musikanten2006
wolfgang schlueter – michael nauraWolfgang Schlüter – Michael Naura2001
woody herman and his thundering herdWoody Herman and his Thundering Herd1973
woody herman and his thundering herd, special guest gerry mulliganWoody Herman and his Thundering Herd, special guest Gerry Mulligan1977
woody herman bigband, special guest helen humesWoody Herman Bigband, special guest Helen Humes1978
woody shaw concert ensembleWoody Shaw Concert Ensemble1976
world saxophone quartetWorld Saxophone Quartet1987
world saxophone quartetWorld Saxophone Quartet1979
worldservice projectWorldService Project2018
wynton marsalis jazz bandWynton Marsalis Jazz Band1989
wynton marsalis jazz band – jazz for kids coolin it with snoopWynton Marsalis Jazz Band – Jazz for Kids “Coolin’ It With Snoopy”1989
yakou tribeYakou Tribe2004
yaron herman trioYaron Herman Trio2009
yazz ahmed’s family haflaYazz Ahmed’s Family Hafla2016
yosuke yamashita trio + manfred schoofYosuke Yamashita Trio + Manfred Schoof1974
youth inspirational choirYouth Inspirational Choir1980
zbigniew namyslowski quartettZbigniew Namyslowski Quartett1964
zbigniew namyslowski quintetZbigniew Namyslowski Quintet2004
zbigniew namyslowski’s rhythm and blues groupZbigniew Namyslowski’s Rhythm and Blues Group1964
zeitkratzer vs. terje rypdal & palle mikkelborgzeitkratzer vs. Terje Rypdal & Palle Mikkelborg2010