Questions & Answers

Opening Hours

The Gropius Bau is open every day except Tuesdays from 10:00 to 19:00. On holidays or other special occasions, exceptionsmay be made, which will be announced inside the building and on our website.

Admission Fees

Admission fees to Gropius Bau are based on the following price groups:
a. Regular € 15
b. Reduced € 10
Reduced admission fees apply to the following groups of persons upon presentation of a requisite pass:

  • Pupils, students, apprentices, people engaged in a voluntary social year
  • Recipients of Unemployment Benefits I
  • Pensioners
  • People with severe disabilities (more than 50% reduction in earning capacity)

c. Free admission
Free admission applies to the following groups upon presentation of relevant documentation or identification:

  • Children and adolescents up to the age of 16
  • Press representatives upon presentation of a valid press card
  • Recipients of social assistance or Unemployment Benefit II
  • Medically necessary assistants accompanying individuals with severe disabilities, if stated in the severely handicapped ID card
  • Lenders to the exhibitions or their agents
  • Members of the International Council of Museum upon presentation of a valid ICOM card
  • Members of the International Association of Art upon presentation of a valid IAA card
  • Members of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin e.V. on presentation of a valid membership card
  • Members of the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK) upon presentation of a valid membership card


Tickets can be purchased on site at the Gropius Bau and in our online shop. With our online tickets, you can choose a time slot and visit the exhibitions without long waiting times. We kindly ask you to bring along appropriate proof if you are eligible for reduced admission.


The cloakroom at the Gropius Bau is free of charge. For safety reasons, coats and jackets, rucksacks, bags (larger than A4 size), photography bags, umbrellas, etc. cannot be brought into the exhibitions and must be stored in the cloakroom. The storage of suitcases is not possible due to limited space. For the cloakroom and valuables no liability is assumed. We ask for your understanding that we charge a replacement fee of € 5 each for lost cloakroom ticket.


Entering the Gropius Bau via the barrier-free entrance, located on the left of the main entrance, is suitable for people with reduced mobility, wheelchairs and strollers or prams. The building has barrier-free access to all three exhibition floors. Wheelchairs foldable stools can be borrowed from the cloakroom. Toilets are located on the basement level and the first floor and can be used by individuals with limited mobility. Medically necessary assistants accompanying individuals with severe disabilities receive free admission.

For safety reasons, we reserve the right to deny stroller and prams access to the exhibition spaces in the event of high visitor numbers.

Visitor Conduct in Exhibition Spaces

In order to satisfy ensure the safety of the works of art and all visitors, certain rules are indispensable. Our house rules apply to all visitors.

Carrying clothing over your arms or walking around with bulky luggage is not permitted in the exhibition spaces for reasons of conservation and safety. Please do not touch the artworks, unless it is specifically communicated that touching the work is permitted. Please step back from the artworks if our gallery attendants ask you to do so.

Eating and drinking is not allowed in the exhibition spaces. Carrying liquids is also not permitted in these rooms. For luggage, our cloakroom is available. Smoking is not permitted inside Gropius Bau.

Out of consideration for other visitors we ask you not to make phone calls in the exhibition spaces.

Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to visit the Gropius Bau when accompanied by an adult. Teachers, group leaders and guardians are responsible for the appropriate conduct of the children and adolescents in their company. Visitors are liable for any damages caused by their conduct. The obligation to reimburse costs also applies in the event of the intentional or negligent triggering of alarms.

Animals are not allowed inside the Gropius Bau. If you require the accompaniment of a guide dog, please contact us in advance by mail to to arrange an exception.

Guided Tours

Our guided tours will provide you with an overview of the themes of our current exhibitions. During the exhibition, we offer public tours every weekend. In addition, you can always book a private tour on your desired date.

Photography and Video

For private purposes, taking photographs without a flash is permitted inside the Gropius Bau. Photographing is also allowed in the exhibitions, unless otherwise indicated. For commercial or editorial photos, video and audio recordings, please contact the communications department at Gropius Bau prior to your visit

Gallery Attendants

Our gallery attendants are instructed to ensure that visitors adhere to our house rules. For this reason, the instructions of gallery attendants must be followed. If the house rules or gallery attendant instructions are not followed, a Gropius Bau representative may ban the individuals concerned from visiting the building.

Visiting Gropius Bau and Access

The Gropius Bau is located on Niederkirchner Straße 7 in 10963 Berlin.

You can reach the Gropius Bau by public transport:
U-Bahn U2 (Potsdamer Platz)
U-Bahn U6 (Kochstraße)
S-Bahn S1, S2, S25 (Potsdamer Platz or Anhalter Bahnhof)
Buses M29 (Anhalter Bahnhof), M41 (Abgeordnetenhaus)


Car park is located next to the Gropius Bau at Stresemannstraße 110, corner of Niederkirchnerstraße, and is open 24 hours a day.

Parking fees

1-3 hours, €1.50 per hour
Each additional hour €1.00
Daily rate €15.00

Waiting Times

We kindly ask for your understanding if you experience temporary waiting times at the entrance, the ticket desk or cloakroom depending on the number of visitors. You can avoid waiting times by purchasing an online ticket. With our online tickets, you can choose a time slot and visit the Gropius Bau without long waiting times.

Press Inquiries

Journalists, bloggers and online contributors will find our press releases, exhibition press photos and the Gropius Bau programme in our press section on the website. Please contact if we can provide any further assistance.


You can rent the Gropius Bau for your events. We have put together additional information on our premises for you here. If you have any questions related to renting the spaces, please contact .

Questions and suggestions

We are happy to help you with questions and suggestions. You can reach us by email at .