1981 to 2000


Miraculous Chambers of Knowledge
Theatrum naturae et artis
10 December 2000 to 4 March 2001

14 May to 29 October 2000
7 Hills
Images and Signs of the 21st Century


19 November 1999 to 6 February 2000
Collected Rooms – Collected Dreams
German Art from 1960–1990. The Hans Grothe Collection

23 May to 3 October 1999
Unity and Right and Freedom
Ways of the Germans 1949–1999


7 September 1997 to 11 January 1998
German Images
Art from a Divided Country

7 September 1997 to 11 January 1998
Positions of Artisitic
Photography in Germany since 1945

5 September to 2 November 1997
Twelfe Artists from Scotland and Berlin

6 May to 27 July 1997
The Epoch of Modernism
Art in the 20th Century


15 September 1996 to 5 January 1997
Marianne and Germania 1789–1889
France and Germany. Two Worlds – one Revue

August to October 1996
Works on Paper by 15 Artists. Purchases from Donations of the Deutschen Bank

May to October 1996
Anne Ratkowski
The Forgotten Artist of the Novembergroup

April 1996
The Power of Images

March to May 1996
The Art of a Continent


3 September 1995 to 7 January 1996
Moscow – Berlin / Berlin – Moscow 1900–1950

March 1995 to April 1995
Jakob Steinhardt
The Prophet


November 1994 to February 1995
The Crack in Space
Positions of Art since 1945 in Germany, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

May to July 1994
The Traces of the Unborn
Berlin-Projects of Daniel Libeskind

March to May 1994
Jawlensky – Antes
12 Pictures about 12 Meditations


October 1993 to January 1994
Crystallazations, Splinterings
Bruno Taut’s Glass House

12 September to 12 December 1993
Japan and Europe 1543–1929

May to June 1993
Wolfgang Frankenstein
Painting and und Grafic Arts

April to June 1993
Journeys to Jerusalem.
The Holy Land in Maps and Views from Five Centuries. Loewenhardt Collection

May to July 1993
American Art in the 20th Century
Painting and Plastic Art 1913–1993

February to March 1993
1st Realism Triennal


December 1992 to January 1993
Naum Gabo
The Contest for the Place of the Soviets. Moscow 1931–1933

September 1992 to January 1993
America 1492–1992
New Worlds – New Realities

June to July 1992
Laboratory of the Year

12 January to 26 April 1992
Patterns of Jewish Life
Jewish Thinking and Belief, Life and Working in the Cultures of the World


May to July 1991
Berlin Today
Projects for the New Berlin

April to July 1991
International Art Exhibition Berlin 1991

January to March 1991
Construction and Rhythm
Watercolor Paintings and Drawings by 1900–1975

January to February 1991
Orangerie 1991


December 1990 to April 1991
Bucklicht Männlein and Angel of History
Walter Benjamin – Theorist of th Modern Age

December 1990 to February 1991
Bartold Asendorpf 1888–1946
Works on Paper

November 1990 to January 1991
Capital Berlin
International Contest for Urban Development Ideas 1957/58

November 1990 to January 1991
Ten Artists from Sweden and Berlin

October to November 1990
Hermann Muthesius in the Werkbund-Archive

August to November 1990
Bismarck – Prussia, Germany and Europe

August to October 1990
Herbert Sonnenfeld
A Jewish Photographer in Berlin 1933–1938

April to June 1990
Present Eternity
Traces of the Transcendental in the Art of Our Time

February to April 1990
Ludwig Meidner
Apocalyptic Landsapes


December 1989 to January 1990
Walls of Coloured Glass
The Archive of the United Workshops for mosaic and Glass Painting Puhl & Wagner, Gottfried Heinersdorf

Oktober to December 1989
Bernhard Heisig

August to October 1989
The Artists from Saint-Etienne and Berlin

August to October 1989
Faded Things
Werkbund and Articles 1945–1949

28 May to 27 August 1989
Europe and the Orient 800–1900

February to April 1989
Walter Stöhrer
Images 1961–1988

February to April 1989
Rolf Szymanski
Plastic Arts and Drawings 1956 to 1988

Zone 5
Art in the City of Four Sectors 1945–1951


Max Missmann
Photographer for Architecture, Industry, Illustration, Landscape and Technology


September 1988 to January 1989
Stations of the Modern Age
The Important Art Exhibitions of the 20th Century in Germany

June to August 1988
Kaiser Augustus
The Lost Republic

March to August 1988
Henry Ries
Photographies from Berlin, Germany and Europe 1946–1951

February to June 1988
The secret block for a secret person in Ireland

January to May 1988
Joseph Beuys


15 August to 22 November 1987
Me and the City
Man and City in the German Art of the 20th Century

15 August to 22 November 1987
Berlin, Berlin
Central Exhibition for the 750 Years Celebration of the City of Berlin

February to November 1987
Packe Ice and Moulded Glass
From the Arts and Crafts Movement to the German Werkbund

January 1987 to April 1987
The Unused Look
Art of Our Time from the Berlin Point of View


November 1986 to March 1987
Art in Berlin from 1870 till Today


12 May to 18 August 1985
Europe and the Emperors of China 1240–1816

12 May to 18 August 1985
Palace Museum Beijing
Treasures from the Forbidden City


September to December 1984
Idea, Process, Result
The Reparair and Reconstruction of the City
An Exhibition on the occasion of the International Building Exhibition Berlin


Deutscher Künstlerbund


13 June to 29 August 1982
Myths of the New World
About the History of the Discovery of Latin America

March 1982
The Horses of San Marco

International Art Exhibiton


18 August to 15 November 1981
Prussia – Attempt of an End Result

March to May 1981
Karl Friedrich Schinkel
Works and Effects

The Structural Surroundings of the Nazareth C