Lee Mingwei

Invitation for Dawn (2020)

“I see my works also in this way: sharing the gift of song, the gift of contemplation or the gift of exchange with a stranger.” – Lee Mingwei

Lee Mingwei, Sonic Blossom, 2020

Lee Mingwei, Sonic Blossom, 2020
Foto: Laura Fiorio

As the opening of Lee Mingwei’s solo exhibition 禮 Li, Gifts and Rituals at the Gropius Bau had to be rescheduled due to the spread of the coronovirus, the artist has developed the new work Invitation for Dawn for the digital realm. It draws on Lee Mingwei’s live artwork Sonic Blossom, which tests the possibilities of giving and receiving something as immaterial and intimate as song. Instead of meeting in the exhibition space, Invitation for Dawn will virtually bring together classically trained opera singers and members of the public. In this one-on-one setting, the singers will perform a capella and gift a song to their guest. Each singer has chosen a repertoire of three songs, which for them signal an “invitation for dawn”, forming a sign of hope in this current moment of global crisis. Lee Mingwei’s show at the Gropius Bau is now open for public; Invitation for Dawn continues to take place online as part of the exhibition until the end of its duration.

To participate virtually and receive a song via Zoom please send an e-mail with the date and time slot of your choice as well as a possible alternative to .

Available time slots
Until 12 July 2020, Monday to Friday
16:00 — 16:15 — 16:30 — 16:45
17:00 — 17:15 — 17:30 — 17:45
(All times CEST; first come, first served)