Lee Mingwei: Letter to Oneself

Lee Mingwei, The Letter Writing Project, 1998/2020. Installation view Lee Mingwei and His Relations, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2014. Photo: Fuminari Yoshitsugu, courtesy: Mori Art Museum

Lee Mingwei

Letter to Oneself (2020)

“In response to the passing of my maternal grandmother, I spent the next 18 months writing letters to her. Some were long letters, some were just drawings and random thoughts. At the end of this process, I had about 120 letters for her.” – Lee Mingwei

Rituals for active contemplation reoccur throughout Lee Mingwei’s work. Taking The Letter Writing Project as a point of departure, the newly developed work Letter to Oneself reacted to the global COVID-19 pandemic and invited the public to write letters to themselves, dealing with the following questions: What is the current situation like for you? What worries you the most? What gives you hope? These letters could be sent to the Gropius Bau, where they are presented as part of the exhibition.

1. Put the date in the upper right-hand corner.
2. Make the salutation to yourself.
3. Write about two things – what worries you most and what gives you the most hope in right now.
4. Feel free to include images to illustrate these feelings.
5. Send the letter until 22 May 2020 to the Gropius Bau.