Rituals of Care


The Gropius Bau hosts a series of performances as it begins its 2020 programme: an ongoing exploration of themes with particular contemporary urgency, including land and the Anthropocene, violence and repair. In January and February, the performance series Rituals of Care resonates with the history, location and physicality of the building itself, which still bears the marks of wartime damage and its mending through carefully kept traces.

A. Livingstone, CHAUD

A. Livingstone, CHAUD, collection of things / actions / relations (2020), photo: Nikol Mikus

With Jelili Atiku, boychild with Josh Johnson and Total Freedom, Pan Daijing, Cevdet Erek, Marcelo Evelin, Bill Fontana, Maria Hassabi, Mette Ingvartsen with Will Guthrie, Baba Murah and Candomblé Berlin, Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro with Mich Cota, Stephen Thompson and others

The performance programme spans experimental choreography, healing practices, sonic installations and collective gatherings. These interdisciplinary works and practices explore the necessary conditions for coming together and tending to environments, to physical and spiritual worlds and to other beings. Through a range of somatic techniques, queer re-imaginings and indigenous perspectives, these performances offer radical acts of care and repair.

Curated by Stephanie Rosenthal and Noémie Solomon

CONNECT, BTS is a global initiative developed in collaboration with curators from five major cities – London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul and New York. The ultimate goal of the project is to connect individuals across the world as they reevaluate their present circumstances, attitudes, and potentialities. CONNECT, BTS draws motifs from parts of BTS’ philosophy that center around diversity, love and care for the periphery. By connecting with 22 contemporary artists, BTS is creating the opportunity for a fruitful and democratic cross-pollination between the worlds of rarefied visual art and pop music. This project adds support for contemporary art to their practice, setting ground for great new synergies.

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The project Rituals of Care is being carried out with the kind support of BTS as part of CONNECT, BTS.