The Singing Project

Ayumi Paul

The Singing Project is an ever-changing singing sculpture unfolding at the Gropius Bau since August 2021. Violinist and artist Ayumi Paul invites everybody to open workshops at the Gropius Bau on full moon.

Ayumi Paul composing simultaneity, 2021

Ayumi Paul composing simultaneity, 2021

© Ayumi Paul, photo: Debora Mittelstaedt

The Singing Project is a fluid composition and collective practice that unfurls through time and space. The permeable structure of the project activates sound formations that emerge anew in every moment. To prepare for these workshops, the artist studied singing traditions ranging from opera, the Tao of voice and polyphonic overtones, to healing techniques and historical and mythological approaches to passing down ritual songs. By combining what she learns and weaving it together with her own intuitive practice, she generates a flexible singing method rooted in the female voice and in collective learning processes. During the project Ayumi Paul will invite other artists and researchers to share their knowledge with participants.

Ayumi Paul studied classical violin at the Hanns Eisler School of Music in Berlin and Indiana University in the United States, she toured internationally from 2000–2015, playing at concert halls around the world. Increasingly, her works are performed in museums and galleries. Her first institutional solo exhibition took place at the Kunsthalle in Osnabrück in the spring of 2020. In 2021 she was granted a residency at Villa Massimo in Rome.

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