Programme for Kids, Teens and Families

for the exhibition “Yayoi Kusama: A Retrospective”

Kusama Kids Studio

The Kusama Kids Studio offers families, children and teenagers a chance to enter Yayoi Kusama’s world by appealing to different senses and encouraging their impressions to linger after a visit. Radio plays recreate an animal landscape to convey Kusama’s ideas and techniques, a readers’ corner offers a chance to relax with books about Kusama’s art, environment and emotional world, and there are regular workshops where visitors can explore their own creativity.

Open: Thursday and Friday, 15:00–18:00, Sunday, 11:00–18:00

Kusama Kids Tour

The Kusama Kids Tour is an interactive opportunity for children and teenagers to explore the exhibition. A booklet guides young visitors around the exhibition and asks questions that they can answer by finding hidden codes. The tour promises a playful introduction to Kusama’s art and her working methods, and young visitors can round off their experience by generating their own personal Kusama code.

Available free of charge in German and English in the exhibition.


Specially devised workshops are available for nurseries and school groups, enabling children to delve deeper into the artist’s world, to work on thoughts and feelings of their own and to engage in their own artistic activities at the studio. Workshops for groups and associations from the neighbourhood are combined with a Turkish translation of the Kusama Kids Tour.

Free workshops for school groups lasting 3 or 1.5 hours can be booked for Thursdays and Fridays starting 9:00; e-mail:

Free summer holiday workshops for children and teenagers can be booked by after-school care, youth clubs and other associations for Thursdays and Fridays starting 9:00; e-mail:

Design and implementation: Ephra gUG

Ephra works with schools, art venues and artists to explore new approaches to art education and sows seeds for young people to develop their own bonds with art.

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