Exhibition Imprint

Ayumi Paul: The Singing Project

Curatorial Lead: Stephanie Rosenthal with Laura Schmidt
Curatorial Advise: Natasha Ginwala
Project Management Exhibition: Katharina Heise
Curatorial Project Management: Laura Schmidt
Assistant Curator: Clare Molloy
Assistant Ayumi Paul: Şehnaz Layıkel Prange
Exhibitions Fellow: Anna Viehoff
Student Assistants: Sophie Noé
Exhibition Architecture: André Merfort, Marc Aldinger
Exhibition Graphic Design: Julia Volkmar – Studio for Spatial & Graphic Design
Exhibition Texts: Ayumi Paul, Natasha Ginwala, Laura Schmidt
Copyediting Exhibition Texts: Natalie Schütze, Sonja Borstner, Sarah Crowe, Christina Scheib
Technical Lead: Bert Schülke
Exhibition Installation: André Merfort, Marc Aldinger
Lighting: Marc Aldinger
Graphic Production: Villa Schmück Dich, Bartneck Print Artists, Fahnen Hübscher
Technical Office Exhibitions: Thomas Wittmütz
Head of Communications and Marketing: Kim Teys Beavers
Digital Communication: Natalie Schütze, Paulina Chaimowicz
Project Management Organisation and Marketing: Katrin Mundorf
Video and Audio Production: Luis Kürschner
Press: Birgit Schapow, Kerstin Meenen
Student Assistants Communications: Laura Desch, Greta Diepenbrock
FSJK 2022/23: Leopold Teichmann
Support of Events & Workshops: Diana Mammana, Miriam Ewering, Deiara Kouto, Amelie Hornung, Cennet Alkan
Finance and Partnerships: Eva Winkeler, Wiebke Koch, Carlos Rodriguez Artavia

The artist would like to thank the whole team of Gropius Bau, the team of Secura, the team of Beba, Martina Brandt and Lina Launhardt (healing arts and ongoing energetic harmonisation of the space), Gangolf Ulbricht (paper), Evan Olzowy (studio assistance), Studio Thomas Struth (prints), Rahmensalon and Bilderrahmen Neumann (frames), Henrik Havelka (sound engineering), and all the teachers and friends, here as well as elsewhere, who have contributed to this project.