Artist in Residence 2022

Ayumi Paul

Ayumi Paul, 2022 © Ayumi Paul, photo: Debora Mittelstaedt

A violinist, composer and artist, Ayumi Paul’s work is anchored in a practice of listening. Her art departs from the intersections of sound, composition and perception. Informed by the resonant frequencies of material, and the understanding that everything is animate, her most recent research focuses on states of rest. It asks us to sense, in a non-linear way, what is there when one does not actively interfere. Working with paper, textile, stitching, as well as performance and installation, her work can be described as an exploration of connectivity. It allows us to experience a realm of synchronicity between moving and being moved, between performer and performed, and between the body and the imagination.

The Singing Project

Ayumi Paul composing simultaneity, 2021

Ayumi Paul composing simultaneity, 2021 © Ayumi Paul, photo: Debora Mittelstaedt

The Singing Project is a fluid composition and collective practice that unfurls through time and space. The permeable structure of the project activates sound formations that emerge anew in every moment, and does not end with the presentation at the Gropius Bau. To prepare for these workshops, the artist studied singing traditions ranging from opera, the Tao of voice and polyphonic overtones, to healing techniques and historical and mythological approaches to passing down ritual songs. By combining what she learns and weaving it together with her own intuitive practice, she generates a flexible singing method rooted in the female voice and in collective learning processes. The project unfolds endlessly, as an open-ended practice that anyone can take back with them and activate anywhere, anytime.

Since 24 November, the project is taking on a new spatial form in a freely accessible space on the first floor of the Gropius Bau: arranged as an open score, five rooms hold space for continuous possibilities to sing together, surrounded by displayed excerpts from Paul’s growing archive.

Event Programme

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About Ayumi Paul

Ayumi Paul studied classical violin at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin and Indiana University Bloomington in the United States. She toured internationally from 2000–2015, playing at concert halls around the world. Increasingly, her works are performed in museums and galleries. Her first institutional solo exhibition took place at the Kunsthalle in Osnabrück in the spring of 2020. In 2021 she was granted a residency at Villa Massimo in Rome.

Sounding Seeds

To get us in the mood for the summer, this year’s Artist in Residence, Ayumi Paul, has developed a new sound work as the first in a series of sound pieces created in attunement with the solstices and equinoxes of the year. Sounding Seeds is a sonic journey – embedded in breathing and vocal exercises – through the spheres that inspire Ayumi Paul’s The Singing Project. Following the rhythm of the earth’s yearly cycle around the sun, they explore the myriad ways in how sound and song have been shaping our world.

Sounding Seeds
Summer 22

Ayumi Paul

Ayumi Paul, Artist in Residence Room, 2022, © Luis Kürschner

Sounding Seeds
Autumn 22

A table with working tools

Work table, Artist in Residence, 2022, © Ayumi Paul

Sounding Seeds
Winter 22

The Singing Project writing desk, 2022

The Singing Project writing desk, 2022 © Ayumi Paul