Artist in Residence 2023

Pallavi Paul: How Love Moves*

A forest with a grave

Pallavi Paul, How Love Moves, 2022, courtesy: the artist

How does the post-pandemic world test the lover and their breath? In the second half of the year, an exhibition of the Gropius Bau’s Artist in Residence 2023 Pallavi Paul will move across the mystical, medical, political, ecological and erotic life of breath.

In building intuitive correspondences with cinema, it apprehends anew love’s claim on the world and its address to us all. The violence of erasure and the exhilaration of arrival is traced across a range of landscapes, protagonists and rhythms. Unfastening and reviving the links between love, breath and everything in between, Pallavi Paul’s first major solo exhibition in Europe at the Gropius Bau inhabits the interval between a world in upheaval and its image.

Curated by Natasha Ginwala

*Working title