In House: Artist in Residence 2021

Following in the footsteps of Wu Tsang, Otobong Nkanga and Zheng Bo, SERAFINE1369 / Jamila Johnson-Small (previously known as Last Yearz Interesting Negro) will take up a studio in the Gropius Bau in 2021 as part of the In House: Artist in Residence programme. As an artist and dancer, SERAFINE1369 engages deeply with intimacy, movement and boundaries.

SERAFINE1369, 2020

SERAFINE1369, 2020

Foto: Katarzyna Perlak, © Jamila Johnson-Small

Understanding dance as a radical, transformative practice allowing for different perspectives to emerge, they create awareness of the space shared by performers and audiences. At the Gropius Bau, SERAFINE1369 will investigate what they term „Oracular Practice“, the idea that movement and dance can act as a tool for divination, and that such messages can find form through choreography. Collaborating with other artists plays a vital role in the genesis of SERAFINE1369’s atmospheric landscapes, which are composed of video, sound, sculpture and movement. This collaborative approach will be reflected in the programme visions, a series of events created by SERAFINE1369 together with other artists for the Gropius Bau.