In House: Artist in Residence

The programme In House: Artist in Residence returns artists and their creative processes to the Gropius Bau: building on the venue’s history and original identity as a decorative arts museum with numerous studios and workshops, the Gropius Bau will once again become a site for artistic creation and production. Artists are invited to break free of existing institutional formats and rethink with us the concept of the exhibition hall for the twenty-first century.

SERAFINE1369, 2020

SERAFINE1369, 2020

Foto: Katarzyna Perlak, © Jamila Johnson-Small


In House: Artist in Residence 2021

As an artist and dancer, SERAFINE1369 engages deeply with intimacy, movement and boundaries. Understanding dance as a radical, transformative practice allowing for different perspectives to emerge, they create awareness of the space shared by performers and audiences.
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