Gropius Bau Education Assembly

The Gropius Bau Education Assembly reflects on the possibilities of art education. This year’s iteration examines how the spaces of education are grounded in various notions and practices of access.

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Gropius Bau Education Assembly

Three Open Bau days welcome you to take a “backstage” tour of the Gropius Bau, meeting different groups of people while encountering a variety of educational projects. Internal meetings among all project participants gather and exchange experiences and perspectives. A forthcoming online publication will conclude the Gropius Bau Education Assembly 2021 which also concludes the 3-year project Spaces for Education. The programme is co-convened by Henry Ward with Julia Moritz and Jenny Sréter. Dates and participants will be announced here shortly.

The Gropius Bau Education Assembly is a continuation of the discussion on the topic of art and art education launched in 2018.


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