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Gropius Bau Friends

The Gropius Bau Friends are five contact persons who are available on site several days a week at the Gropius Bau and represent an intersection between the public and the exhibition hall. Via participatory observation, discussions and recommendations provided by the Friends, knowledge about the institution is to be expanded and the diversity of perspectives strengthened. At the same time, the Friends assist with practical and content-related questions about the exhibition visit and are also directly available for comments and feedback from visitors. The Friends are recognizable by long-sleeved T-shirts with the print “Gropius Bau”.

The Gropius Bau Friends currently include Rosa-Lena Bösl, Amelie Hornung, Nataša Jagdhuhn, Ralph-Jürgen Lischke and Paul Maragnoli. They were selected and supported by an interdisciplinary advisory board, formed by Jens Dierkes, Kolja Kohlhoff, Julia Moritz, Necati Öziri, Carlos Rodriguez and Stephanie Rosenthal.

During winter semester 2019/20 at Leuphana University Lüneburg, a seminar led by Prof. Dr. Söntgen and Alia Rayyan examines the project with students of art history. 

Project Consultant
Julia Moritz

Funded by

Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien