Community Projects

A special feature of the Gropius Bau is its location. It is an important point of reference for the programme and educational projects. The opening up of the institution for its various neighbours is the main aim. Here, accessibility and exchange go hand in hand.

Parkplatzgarten at the Gropius Bau

Parkplatzgarten at the Gropius Bau

© Luis Kürschner, project head: Ulrike Bruckmann, project partner: Yeşil Çember

Located between historical sites, premises of current political work, tourist attractions and office buildings, the building lacks residents of everyday life. Therefore, the exchange with the neighbourhood of the Gropius Bau extends into the residential areas of Kreuzberg – with the aim of including the various walks of life in this area into the life of this institution. The related educational projects are fundamentally collaborative: in current and future collaboration with intercultural, cross-generational and queer neighbourhood initiatives. Together and step by step, we hope to build bridges that move and change.

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